Winter Break Projects

Unlike many break projects that focus on direct service, Winter Break Projects focus on investigation and collaborative learning. Thirty-five Brown students live together in a church in downtown Providence to explore and engage with local issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, urban education, equitable health care, refugee services, the role of job creation and labor in economic development, immigrant rights, environmental justice, and social enterprise in RI. 

Each project is led by student(s) with extensive experience and passion for the issue they share. Topics for 2015 and project leaders will be announced at the end of September.  In 2014 Winter Break Projects 2014 featured the following six projects:

  • The Road to Ending Homelessness in Rhode Island
  • Beyond Healthcare: The Social Determinants of Health in Providence
  • Refugee Communities in South Providence 
  • Labor and Immigration
  • Environmental Activism
  • Equity, Theory, and Policy: The State of Education in Providence

In October there will be a number of info sessions about Winter Break Projects including a description of the focus of each topic.  In the application, we ask students to rank projects in order of interest, and we work hard to place each student with their first or second choice.

Applications are due on Monday, November 3 by 4 pm, and decisions will be announced by Monday, November 10. Accepted students will be asked to commit and submit their deposits by Friday, November 14. The program will begin Sunday, January 11 and end the morning of Saturday, January 17. 

Cost for the week is $85 and some financial aid is available. If accepted, students will be asked to pay a non-refundable $50 deposit by Monday, November 17. Questions regarding financial aid may be emailed to Alan Flam

You can also email Jeremy Wortzel, the Winter Break Projects Community Fellow with any questions. 

Read about Winter Break Projects 2013 here.