Penn Program for Public Service Summer Internship

Through a partnership between Brown’s Swearer Center for Public Service and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania, 1-2 slots are available for Brown undergraduates to participate in the Penn Program for Public Service Summer Internship Program.  Through this partnership, 1-2 Penn students are invited to participate in summer programs through the Swearer Center as well.

The Penn Program for Public Service Internship Program is a 12-week multi-faceted summer program that immerses approximately 15 undergraduates in real-world problem solving in the West Philadelphia-Penn community. At the core of the internship is an action-oriented, Academically Based Community Service seminar, "Faculty-Student Collaborative Action Seminar in University-Community-School Partnerships and Healthy Urban Communities," led by the director of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at Penn, Dr. Ira Harkavy. Each undergraduate in the seminar works collaboratively to help solve a strategic "ill-structured" problem of his or her choosing by:

  • Actively participating in the seminar
  • Conducting individual and group research centered on pressing problems affecting Penn and the West Philadelphia community [or Brown and the Providence community]
  • Working 40 hours a week as an intern in a summer institute at a local school or a community of faith in West Philadelphia
  • Living together in a University residence

The Public Service Internship program is a key component of the University of Pennsylvania's ongoing efforts to develop courses and programs that involve undergraduates, faculty, and community members in partnerships to advance learning and improve West Philadelphia.  Students participating in the Public Service Internship have played leading roles in creating a variety of the programs and projects that currently involve Penn students, faculty, and staff with West Philadelphia schools, hospitals, and other community organizations.

The Public Service Internship Program is considered equivalent to a full-time job and students will not be permitted to take additional classes or work outside of the internship.  Interns will receive:

  • A stipend of $2,500 (taxable)
  • Free housing in a University residence

Applications are due February 17, 2014. Please contact Janet Isserlis before applying. Applications are available at: