Cliff Weitzman


Skateboards are made for tricks, longboards are made for speed and transportation. However, there is currently no effective way of stopping a longboard. Just imagine if your bicycle didn’t have any brakes. BoardBrake is a brake for longboards. BoardBrake allows riders to be safer, ride faster, and have more control. BoardBrake makes learning how to longboard much easier and opens the sport to a wide array of new consumers who may have shied away from it before due to frustration with not being able to stop. Not being able to properly slow down can lead to injury. Riders today drag their foot on the floor. This ruin’s rider’s shoes and puts them in an unbalanced position. Riders today often jump off of their board since they can’t brake, letting the board hurtle away uncontrolled. Because riders can’t stop, they also can’t maneuver well and if they reach high speeds they are at the mercy of what’s ahead.

There is currently only one active competitor. Their product costs $300 (that’s more than the price of most longboards )because it mimics the braking mechanics of cars. They also require riders to drill into their boards, which almost no longboarder is willing to do.

We will use the Explore Grant from Brown Venture Launch Fund we will:
Submit a provisional patent.
3D print 2 new prototypes.
Commission an expert in CAD for specific help.

The immediate goals for the ventures are:
To submit a provisional utility patent. This should be done by January 10th.
Edit our current CAD files. This should be done by January 5th.
Produce an improved prototype. This should be done by January 15th.

We will evaluate these goals by measuring:
Whether or not we now have a provisional patent.
Whether or not we have edited the CAD.
Whether or not we now have an improved prototype.