Designing New Courses

Adding a new course to the curriculum requires approval not only from one's department chair but also from the University. The College Curriculum Council (CCC) is the faculty-student committee charged with approving new courses. A subcommittee of the CCC reviews new course proposals on a rolling basis. Proposals for new courses can be completed online and should contain the following:

  • a catalogue description of 150 words
  • a description of educational goals
  • a discussion of workload expectations and assessment measures

Visiting faculty and graduate student instructors will also be required to submit a working syllabus before approval. 

Instructors who interested in designating one of their courses as writing intensive, liberal learning, or diverse perspectives may do so on the online form or by contacting Kathleen McSharry, Associate Dean of the College for Curriculum, for more information.

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning offers online resources to help faculty with some aspects of course and syllabus design.