College Curriculum Council

The College Curriculum Council is a body of faculty, students, and administrators charged with regularly reviewing and vetting undergraduate curricular offerings at Brown to ensure quality and consistency. The Dean of the College welcomes all interested faculty and students to stand for election.

The full Council consists of 18 members: the Dean of the College, who serves as chair; 8 faculty members, one of whom serves as vice-chair; 4 undergraduate students; 4 additional administrators (an Associate Dean of the College, an Associate Dean of the Faculty, an Associate Dean of Biological Sciences, and the Registrar); and the Council secretary.

The main work of the Council is to oversee the content and quality of Brown’s academic offerings in individual courses as well as larger courses of study, including independent concentrations, departmental concentrations, and degree programs. The Council reviews proposals for new concentrations and revisions to existing ones. These are presented by chairs of departments or other departmental representatives at the committee’s regular monthly meetings. The Council also has jurisdiction over all actions or recommendations made by the subcommittees convened each year to examine different questions: for example, the method of course evaluation; the role of student teachers; or revisions to the grading system.


  • Executive Committee
  • Course Review Subcommittee
  • Independent Concentration Committee
  • Independent Study Review Committee
  • Subcommittee on Education Abroad