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Cinema Ritrovato:"Charlot at 100: 1914-2014." Four recently restored Chaplin shorts | March 16, 2015  + -

Cinema Ritrovato:"Charlot at 100: 1914-2014." Four recently restored Chaplin shorts

Monday, March 16, 2015 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Martinos Auditorium

● Kid Auto Race at Venice, Cal (1914)
● The Rink (1916)
● Easy Street (1917) 
● The Immigrant (1917).

The program will be introduced by Guy Borlée, coordinator of the Cinema ritrovato film festival and Phil Rosen (Professor of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University) and will include a special screening of "Chaplin, A Body of Work," a short film by Brown students Beatrix Chu, Andrew Deck, Tarek Shoukri and Mc Kenna Webster, made in Bologna at the 2014 Cinema Ritrovato festival.

Freedom Project | March 13, 2015  + -

Friday, March 13, 2015 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM, Studio 1

Everett Company culminates its three-year research and creation process for the development of the Freedom Project, a multi-disciplinary documentary theater production that shares the stories of people who have been marginalized by America’s criminal justice system. The project examines and critiques that system through the juxtapositions of personal stories with jarring statistics that reveal gross racial and socio-economic disparities in the way the law is applied, especially in regard to the War on Drugs.

Everett approaches this challenging topic with humor and humanity, and emphasizes the creativity and spirit of perseverance that can surface when people confront extreme adversity. The work utilizes the disciplines of theater, dance and filmmaking to draw out multiple perspectives on this complex topic. Visceral choreography and poetic visual imagery deepen the experience as Everett explores the effects of mass incarceration on some of our most vulnerable communities.

Brown University is a development and producing partner in the creation of Freedom Project. They join Everett in producing a series of public workshops, forums, street actions, and in-progress previews that will continue to be held at both Brown and Everett Stage. These events draw a wide segment of the community into an ongoing dialogue about incarceration and help shape the final performance.

After its premiere in March at Brown University’s Granoff Center for the Arts, The Freedom Project will then be available for touring through 2017.

IRQ3 INTERRUPT3 | March 12, 2015 - March 15, 2015  + -


A Discussion Forum and Studio for New Forms of Language Art

Highlighting text and/or/as image, art and/or/as language and with a particular investment in digitally mediated language art, Interrupt3—the third of its kind—will take place, chiefly, in the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University, March 12-15, 2015. From Thursday evening through Saturday, there will be six plenaries featuring fifteen Featured Presenters, and six Interrupt (IRQ) Discussions with as many as twenty-six IRQ Presenters, plus two additional Featured Presenters to provoke two of these IRQ Discussions. Currently confirmed featured presenters: Bill Seaman, Brian Droitcour, Brian House, Clement Valla, Christopher Funkhouser, Helen Mirra, James Hoff, Jason Nelson (by remote presence), Johanna Drucker, Kenneth Goldsmith, Paul Soulellis, Rhada May, Research Service, Special America, Tom Ockerse. Coordinated with these gatherings, there will be an exhibition From Line to Constellation in the Cohen Gallery of the Granoff Center curated by Francesca Capone; an installation and performance by Jen Bervin; related video presentations on four public screens; a live collaborative studio/exhibition led by four visiting resident artists, David Court, Kristen Mueller, Benjamin Shaykin and Sophia Le Fraga; an exhibition and series of web based works entitled Maximum Sideline: Interrupt Postscript at Proxy, a curatorial platform currently located in a downtown storefront in Providence; and a residency led by Alan Sondheim in Studio 4 utilizing Brown’s legacy ‘Cave’ immersive audiovisual environment. On Sunday morning, time will be reserved for an ad hoc, studio-curated, follow-up IRQ Discussion and, later, an evening of performances at the Machines with Magnets venue in nearby Pawtucket.  Interrupt3 is generously supported with Arts Initiative funds administered by Brown’s Creative Arts Council, and the further support of the Literary Arts Department. It is co-organized by Francesca Capone, John Cayley, and other members of the Brown and RISD community associated with Digital Language Arts.

Neil Harbisson Public Lecture | March 9, 2015  + -

Student Creative Arts Council is honored to welcome Neil Harbisson.

Neil Harbisson sees in black and white but hears in color, via an antenna implanted in his skull. A sonochromatic cyborg artist, Harbisson utilizes and explores the connection between his brain and its cybernetic capabilities to create paintings, sound portraits, and performance pieces. 

He co-founded the Cyborg Foundation, which helps people become cyborgs (extend their senses through cybernetics), defends cyborg rights, and promotes the use of cybernetics in art. 

Reserve your free tickets here:



Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject Guest Panel | March 7, 2015  + -

Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject Guest Panel

Saturday, March 7, 2015 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Studio 1

Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject Symposium Panel including: Dr. Josie Saldana, Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama, Dr. Kim Tallbear, Dr. Tiffany King, Dr. Amie Breeze Harper.

Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject, Keynote Address by Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama | March 6, 2015  + -

Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject, Keynote Address by Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama

Friday, March 6, 2015 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Studio 1

This is a keynote address for the 2 day Symposium "Decolonizing the Racialized Female Subject: Black and Indigenous Self-Making Under Empire"

Critical Conversations on Palestine/Israel: "After Oslo," Panel Discussion with Hanan Ashrawi | March 5, 2015  + -

Critical Conversations on Palestine/Israel: "After Oslo," Panel Discussion with Hanan Ashrawi

Thursday, March 5, 2015 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Martinos Auditorium

The fourth of the series "Critical Conversations on Palestine/Israel".  Co-sponsored by Judaic Studies and the Watson Institute for International Studies 

 Guest speaker: Hanan Ashrawi, who is a Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar, will present a lecture titled: "After Oslo: On Israel and Palestine". 

After Oslo: Critical Conversations on Palestine / Israel" Panel Discussion on "What is to be Done? | March 5, 2015  + -

After Oslo: Critical Conversations on Palestine / Israel" Panel Discussion on "What is to be Done?

 Thursday, March 5, 2015 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, Martinos Auditorium


"What is to be Done?"

 The fourth in the series of panel discussions on

"After Oslo: Critical Conversations on Palestine / Israel"

Q&A to follow.

The panel will feature: Hanan Ashrawi, Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar

Stephen Robert '62, Chancellor Emeritus Brown University, co-founder and chairman of the Source of Hope Foundation

Hani Masri, director general of Masarat, the Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies

Ilan Pappé, director Exeter University European Centre for Palestine Studies, co-director of the Exeter Centre for Ethno-Political Studies

Beshara Doumani, director Middle East Studies | Brown

“The Hunting Ground” Film Screening | March 2, 2015  + -
“The Hunting Ground” Film Screening
7 PM @ Granoff Martinos Auditorium, March 2nd

From the team behind The Invisible War, comes a startling exposé of sexual assault on U.S. campuses, institutional cover-ups and the brutal social toll on victims and their families. Weaving together verité footage and first-person testimonies, the film follows survivors as they pursue their education while fighting for justice — despite harsh retaliation, harassment and pushback at every level.

Sponsored by Ivy Film Festival

A Lecture by Simon Castets: Director of The Swiss Institute/ Contemporary Art New York | February 24, 2015  + -

The Student Creative Arts Council presents::

A Lecture by Simon Castets: Director of The Swiss Institute/ Contemporary Art New York

Simon co-curates research project 89plus alongside Hans Ulrich Obrist

Tuesday 02/24 at 6 pm in Martinos Auditorium, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

Seating on a first come first serve basis

American Dance Legacy Initiative MiniFest | February 23, 2015 - February 28, 2015  + -


Mini-Fest 2015: Imagine - Free to Chase The Rainbow

Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts

February 23-28

in collaboration with Artists and Scientist as Partners (ASaP)

(See for complete list of ASaP events)


February 23-28

Living Rooms Installations

  • Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder and Donald McKayle curated by students from Central Falls High School in collaboration with the John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice.
  • Archival exhibits from the ADLI collection of media, photographs and materials
  • Interactive exhibits imagining the arts in the future

Wednesday February 25th - 7pm

Film: Chain Gangs: Slavery by Another Name - This documentary spans eight decades, from 1865 to 1945, revealing the interlocking forces in both the South and the North that enabled this “neoslavery” to begin and persist. - Presented in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

Saturday February 28th

Dance for PD® Community Class - 10:00am-11:15am

Led by David Leventhal,founding teacher and Program Director for Dance for PD®, and Rachel Balaban, Regional Coordinator for Dance for PD - Co-Founder, Artists and Scientists as Partners (ASaP) (see complete ASaP Symposium schedule)

ADLI Master Class: - 10:00am-11:30am

A Journey Through Modern Dance, led by Mary Anne Newhall, "dancing historian", dedicated to exploring, enlivening, and preserving early modernist and expressionist roots of dance.

Lecture Demonstration: Free to Chase the Rainbow - 12:15-1:30

featuring performances of Donald McKayle’s “Rainbow Repertory Etude” by Dance for PD® participants, Brown students, and Central Falls High School students

Screening of ADLI documentary on Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder - 1:30pm

This documentary features archival footage of the original cast performing Donald McKayle’s signature work about men on a southern chain gang. Also included are recent interviews with Mr. McKayle, original cast members Mary Hinkson, Jaime Rogers, and folksinger Leon Bibb.

Dancing Legacy Repertory Etudes Showing and Closing Reception - 5pm

TRaNsMOGRiFiER | February 23, 2015 - March 3, 2015  + -

The TRaNsMOGRiFiER will be installed in the Cohen Gallery from February 23rd until March 3rd, 2015! Bring things in need of transmogrification and we will do our best to turn all of them into thingsTR. The gallery will be open every day from 8:30am until sundown when we will power up the TRaNsMOGRiFiER (it works better at night). This will be the longest transmogrification attempted, so we’ll be in uncharted territory.


Objects for TRAaNsMOGRiFICATiON may be brought to the gallery M-F between 8:30a - 5p, Saturday and Sunday between 12p-5p.  At 5pm, the Gallery will close, but the TRAaNsMOGRiFICATiON process will be visible into the evening through the Cohen Gallery windows.

Closing reception and final TRAaNsMOGRiFICATiON: March 3, 7pm

PASS Intro to Final Cut Pro | February 19, 2015  + -

PASS Intro to Final Cut Pro

Thursday, February 19, 2015 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM, MML 

Want to know how to edit video, audio, and effects in Final Cut Pro? This class is your introduction to this industry standard video editing tool. No experience assumed or required. Please register at to reserve your spot. Sponsored by CIS. Location: Granoff Multimedia Lab (room N320).

The Art of Invisibility: Encountering Religion and the Secular in Contemporary Art | February 18, 2015 - February 28, 2015  + -

The Art of Invisibility: Encountering Religion and the Secular in Contemporary Art" brings together the work of 7 artists exploring -- in different ways -- the relationship between religion and contemporary art. We know that the categories of “religious” and “secular” are never stable. And yet, they are deployed as though their meanings can be taken for granted. Applying the categories of religious or secular to various objects, groups, and images, moreover, has broad political and social implications. How can contemporary art get us out of this bind and help us to see religion and the secular in new and unexpected ways? Participating artists: Sean Gallagher, Stephen Henderson, Robert Kirschbaum, Bang Luu, John Mendelsohn, Kathryn Myers, and Josh Ruder. 

Anthology | February 12, 2015  + -

Please join us for...An eclectic evening of readings, performances and visual works featuring the graduate students of Brown University & the Rhode Island School of Design:


Hosted by The Creative Arts Council and The Department of Literary Arts

RSVP on our FACEBOOK event page

http:// brownrisdanthology.tumblr.c om/

3rd Annual Staff Art Show | February 9, 2015  + -

After Hours: Annual Staff Appreciation Art Exhibit features work by a few of the many talented staff members at Brown. Staff from across the university engage in creative, thoughtful, and expressive endeavors that are often unseen by coworkers and the greater Brown community. This year, the Creative Arts Council is pleased to present artwork by fifteen staff members in media ranging from sculpture to photography and beyond. Inspired by their surroundings, personal interests, and daily encounters, these works provide a glimpse of the creativity embedded throughout Brown. Kick off BEAR Week by joining us for a public reception on Monday, February 9th at 5pm in the Granoff Center Lower Lobby.

Growing Smart, Smart Growing Community Development, Education, and Cultural Management in the Theatre Festival Model | February 9, 2015  + -

Growing Smart, Smart Growing
Community Development, Education, and Cultural Management in the Theatre Festival Model

A public lecture by Constantin Chiriac, Director and Founder of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania), followed by a conversation with the audience

Monday, February 9, 5.30pm

Becker Library, Lyman Hall

Constantin Chiriac is a distinguished Romanian theatre and film actor, director of the National Theatre in the city of Sibiu, and founder and director of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. Since its founding in 1994, following the fall of the communist regime in Romania, the Sibiu Festival has sustained a creative dialogue at an international level, establishing itself as the “the third most important performing arts festival” in Europe, according to the European Commission. The Festival has been a key force in the development of the city of Sibiu as a cultural and artistic center over the past two decades, playing a major role in the selection of Sibiu as a European Capital of Culture in 2007. Since then, Constantin Chiriac has served several times on the European Capital of Culture Selection Committee of the European Union.

In addition to heading the Sibiu Festival, Constantin Chiriac is committed to the reinvigoration of Romanian higher arts education in his capacity as Professor of Theatre Arts at the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu. Recently, he spearheaded the development of a new section of the Sibiu Festival devoted to the promotion of educational exchanges between performing arts students from universities worldwide.

In 2014, the Romanian government appointed Constantin Chriac Ambassador of Romanian Tourism.


Broken World, Steerage: Thinking through blankness, terror, and broken worlds | February 6, 2015  + -

Broken World, Steerage: Thinking through blankness, terror, and broken worlds

There is material from distorted motion capture employed in virtual worlds; considerations of terror and genocide in terms of anguish and the unutterable; phenomenology of blizzards and whiteout; revrev – live reverse reverberation or anticipatory music; and practical-theoretical issues of gamespace/edgespace.

Join Alan Sondheim for a talk and presentation at 7pm on Friday, February 6 in Englander Studio, Granoff Center at Brown University. This event is free and open to the public.

Alan Sondheim is a cross-disciplinary artist, writer, and theorist. He recently completed a successful residency at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in New York; while there he worked with a number of collaborators on performances and sound pieces dealing with pain and annihilation. He also created a series of texts and 3d printing models of ‘dead or wounded avatars.’ He recently completed a residency at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and in 2011-2012 was a resident at Eyebeam Art and Technology in New York. In 2012 he had a book published through West Virginia University Press, Writing Under, and last year he released two cds of experimental improvisation. - See his blog:


Of[f] Course: The 7th Annual Brown | RISD Dual Degree Exhibition | January 22, 2015 - February 11, 2015  + -


Of[f] Course: The 7th Annual Brown | RISD Dual Degree Exhibition | January 22, 2015 - February 11, 2015
Students in the five-year Brown | RISD Dual Degree Program forge their education from the fire of two schools. Consequently, Dual Degree students navigate various expectations for their time, routine, and studies. This year's show explores the consequences of deviating from these expectations; of course, to veer off course. You are invited to attend Of[f] Course: The 7th Annual Brown | RISD Dual Degree Exhibition, which runs from January 22 to February 11.
Established in 2008, the Brown | RISD Dual Degree Program allows students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design. Each year, students organize an exhibition featuring their work. Work from previous exhibitions can be viewed at:

Opening reception: Studio 1 6:30pm, January 22nd.

DAVID TUDOR’S - RAINFOREST IV | December 10, 2014 - December 11, 2014  + -


The pioneering electronic music group Composers Inside Electronics (CIE) presents the famed collaborative work Rainforest IV conceived by David Tudor in 1973. This electro-acoustic environment integrates over twenty resonating sound sculptures into an evolving sonic and visual experience.  Each composer designs and constructs sculptures which function as instrumental loudspeakers under his or her control, and each independently produces sound material to display the sculptures’ resonant characteristics. The work has been performed over 150 times and installed in over 40 sites throughout the U.S. and Europe, including museums, universities, TV studios, and other venues.  Performances are continuous without intermission, and the appreciation of Rainforest IV depends upon individual exploration.  The audience is invited to move freely among the sculptures. The performers are: Steve Bull, Peter Bussigel, John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein, Thom Holmes, Jed Miner, Stephan Moore, Caroline Park, and Matt Rogalsky.  


In addition to performances on December 10th and 11th  (Studio 1, 3pm - 9pm), there will be a public lecture: Composers Inside Electronics Talk with John Driscoll, Phil Edelstein and Matt Rogalsky on Wednesday, December 10th at 10:30am in Studio 2.