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Upcoming Events

Perils, Pitfalls and Joys: Visual Art and the Communication of Complex Data | September 18, 2014 - November 20, 2014  + -

A lecture series featuring Dr. Peter Snyder (Professor of Neurology, Alpert Medical School), Dr James Head (Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Distinguished Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences), and artist/illustrator David Macaulay (How Things Work).  All lectures will begin at 6pm in the Martinos Auditorium, and will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Snyder, Head, Macaulay, and other members of the Brown community.

September 18, 6pm 
presented by Dr. Peter Snyder 
The inherent risks of communication complex scientific information through visual means that are also unquestionably artistic.  The blur of roles between scientist and artist and the risks of crossing these boundaries.

October 28, 6pm 
  presented by Dr. James Head
The difficulty of communicating intensely complex information in meaningful ways, and the role of scientist as storyteller.  The responsibility of science to translate new knowledge in ways that are both informative and also engaging to the educated lay public. 

November 20, 6pm  
JOYS presented by David Macaulay
The artist as partner with scientists and engineers to convey intricate and difficult systems and ideas.  Synergy between art and science.  Sources of inspiration for artists and scientists alike, and the explosion of knowledge and invention in our lifetime.

CineBrasil 2014: A Brazilian Film Festival | October 16, 2014 - October 17, 2014  + -

CineBrasil 2014: A Brazilian Film Festival

CineBrasil is an annual film festival showcasing the best in recent Brazilian cinema. CineBrasil this year will encompass a broad range of genres from animated film to drama to comedy, and many subjects including disability, inequality, regional differences, sexuality and security in urban neighborhoods.  Details on screenings available on the Watson Institute website.

BORN TO FLY: ELIZABETH STREB VS. GRAVITY Screening and Q&A | October 20, 2014  + -

Monday, October 20th at 6:30pm, Granoff Center Martinos Auditorium

Not just a choreographer, Elizabeth Streb is a wildly extreme action architect. BORN TO FLY traces the evolution of Streb’s movement philosophy as she pushes herself and her dancers from the ground, to the wall, to the sky. Guided by Streb’s theory of movement—to walk on walls, dive through glass, move so fast you disappear The film asks: Can adrenaline be a form of medicine? When does movement become art? Why be a part of it? How do race, gender, sexuality, and class appear on the dancers’ performances, on their bodies? Wrestling these questions, BORN TO FLY offers an exhilarating tale of the necessity of art, inspiring a broad audience, hungry for a more tactile and fierce existence in the world.

Freedom Project - Brain Cafe | October 23, 2014  + -

Freedom Project - Brain Cafe

Thursday, October 23rd @ 7pm

Studio 1

Everett Company’s Freedom Project continues the dialogue taking place at Brown and around the country on race, equity and incarceration; presented through the lens of local stories.

Join Everett in conversations with students and faculty including Erik Ehn and Tricia Rose, as they research and create their new piece premiering in March at Brown. Additional performances and workshops continue November 14 and March 8-15 (residency and premiere).

Global Health Colloquium – Innovation in Tackling Global Health Care Challenges: The Role of Brown University and its Partners | October 24, 2014  + -

Global Health Colloquium – Innovation in Tackling Global Health Care Challenges: The Role of Brown University and its Partners

Friday, October 24th @ 9am 

Martinos Auditorium 

In recognition of the 250th anniversary of Brown University, a global health colloquium will take place, featuring the contributions of the Brown University community and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) in addressing global health challenges over the years. Consistent with the 250th celebration goals, this colloquium will highlight Brown’s impact and service to a global community, honor alumni of Brown who have made significant contributions to decreasing health disparities, and showcase the scholarship and innovation of the next generation of Brown scholars and future leaders in global health.

The Brown Difference - 250th Years in 12 Minutes | October 25, 2014  + -

The Brown Difference - 250th Years in 12 Minutes

Saturday, October 25th @ 10am 

Martinos Auditorium 

'The Brown Difference: 250 Years in Twelve Minutes' will feature: 

Oren Jacoby ’77, P'17

Betsy West ’73, P’14

Moderator - Neil Safier, Director of the John Carter Brown Library

A screening of the short film celebrating Brown’s big anniversary, followed by a discussion with alumni filmmakers Jacoby and West.   Behind the scenes stories, memorable outtakes, and the challenge of capturing and condensing Brown’s illustrious history on film.

Lava Fossil | November 3, 2014  + -

Monday, November 3, 2014 7:30 PM


LAVA FOSSIL is Beth Nixon’s solo suitcase theater show about a dad, a crab, a dentist and where things go when they are gone. Directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian ’02

My Name is Rachel Corrie | November 13, 2014  + -

Thursday, November 13, 2014 7:30 PM

 Ashley Malloy will perform a solo performance of My Name is Rachel Corrie. Ashley is using her performances as a vehicle to raise awareness of and support for The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, where young people living under occupation can transform their frustrations into creative energy. Under the tutelage of skilled instructors, acting students create dynamic, challenging and relevant pieces of theatre intended to engender critical thought and non-violent, purposeful action in the struggle for Palestinian self-determination.


My Name is Rachel Corrie is based on the diary entries and e-mails from Corrie herself, who was killed in March of 2003 while in the West Bank. She was an American Peace Activist, working with a group called the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). According to the accounts of her family and some witnesses, she was crushed to death by an Israel Defense Force armored bulldozer in Rafah, located in the southern Gaza strip. She was protesting the demolition of a family’s house by the IDF on the Gaza Strip, acting as a human shield.


Complementing this solo performance will be a performance of Wrestling Jerusalem by Aaron Davidson, taking place in February 2015.

The Freedom Project Showing | November 15, 2014  + -

Saturday, November 15, 2014 4:00 PM

 Everett Company has started the second year of a three-year research and creation process for the development of our new touring piece. Freedom Project will be a multi-disciplinary documentary theater production that shares the stories of people who have been marginalized by America’s criminal justice system. The project examines and critiques that system through the juxtapositions of personal stories with jarring statistics that reveal gross racial and socio-economic disparities in the way the law is applied, especially in regard to the War on Drugs.

Everett approaches this challenging topic with humor and humanity, and emphasizes the creativity and spirit of perseverance that can surface when people confront extreme adversity. The work utilizes the disciplines of theater, dance and filmmaking to draw out multiple perspectives on this complex topic. Visceral choreography and poetic visual imagery deepen the experience as Everett explores the effects of mass incarceration on some of our most vulnerable communities.

Brown University is a development and producing partner in the creation of Freedom Project. They join Everett in producing a series of public workshops, forums, street actions, and in-progress previews that will continue to be held at both Brown and Everett Stage. These events draw a wide segment of the community into an ongoing dialogue about incarceration and help shape the final performance. Freedom Project will premiere in the spring of 2015 at Brown University’s Granoff Center for the Arts and will then be available for touring through 2017.


Youth Arts Summit | November 22, 2014  + -

On Saturday November 22, 2014, a group of teen and young adult artists who participate in our community’s rich youth arts programs will bring their work, ideas and energy up the hill and into the Granoff Center. Though performances, exhibitions and conversation the youth will imagine how Brown and Providence might look in 2034 – when they are the creative leaders in our community.

The Youth Arts Summit is sponsored by the Brown 250, the Creative Arts Council and the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies as a way to celebrate Providence-based youth arts organizations that have been formed by or led by Brown graduates.

Coordinating among Brown’s Granoff Creative Arts Center (CAC) The Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS), and Brown/Trinity MFA programs, the daylong public arts event is a celebration of Brown's distinctive group of creative alumni, faculty and students who work in Providence, have contributed to the vibrant art and culture of our city, and have dedicated themselves to social change through arts and education.

Youth will come from the following organizations: Community MusicWorks, founded by Sebastian Ruth (‘97), New Urban Arts, founded by Tyler Denmead (‘97), Youth in Action, until just recently directed by Adeola Orreola (‘02) and AS220 Youth, founded by Sam Seidel (’02) and now directed by Anne Kugler (’90). Besides these organizations, we will also feature dancers from Central Falls who work with Professor Julie Strandberg, actors from Trinity Rep’s Young actors programs, performers in the Tenderloin Opera Company, directed by Professor Erik Ehn, and young artists from Everett Company who are creating a new piece with Brown University this fall. Jori Ketten ('02) will facilitate the Summit. She is founder of 186 Carpenter and directs the Media Lab at Community MusicWorks,  where she helps young people reflect on their learning through photography and video projects.