DS Seniors

Annie SholarAnnie Sholar

Annie Sholar

Annie is interested in how individuals in the global North fit into (or don't) the work of development in the global South, and how issues of privilege are addressed (or not) in development organizations and projects. She plans to investigate ethical consumption and fair trade movements in her thesis.

David AdlerDavid Adler

David Adler

David's research focuses on bureaucracy and the challenges of urban development in the global city. Having spent a semester in New Delhi studying at St. Stephen's College, he returned the following summer to conduct thesis research at the Centre for Policy Research under the guidance of Professor Patrick Heller. There, he examined the Delhi Development Authority and its ongoing slum rehabilitation project in Kathputli Colony.

Dulma AltanDulma Altan

Dulma Altan

Dulma's interest in DS stems from her experiences growing up in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia after the collapse of the Soviet Union and her primary interests range from social enterprise to globalization, structural adjustment/neoliberalism, and the global financial architecture's impact on the political economy of the developing world. Her thesis topic is the elite print media's framing of financial reform in the wake of the 2007-08 financial crisis in the United States.

Emily GoldmanEmily Goldman

Emily Goldman

Emily Goldman is from West Hartford, Connecticut and strongly believes in the power of the arts to mobilize underprivileged populations, improve community health, and educate. Her thesis explores Western cultural diplomacy initiatives targeting the Middle East and the role of Egyptian rappers in the revolutionary and post-revolutionary period from 2011 to the present,

Geraud BablonGeraud Bablon

Geraud Bablon

Geraud's interests lie in examining the role architecture and design can play in development, and he's currently working on a thesis on slum redevelopment in Mumbai. In it, he seeks to answer questions such as, "How have residents’ personal, professional and social lives been transformed by this shift in the built environment of their everyday lives? Through what processes do they take control of building design, or ownership of the final product?"

Madeleine WienerMadeleine Wiener

Madeleine Wiener

Madeleine is interested in learning about sustainable development and wants to see how countries, cities and communities can develop without harming the environment.  Her thesis is about climate change and how wineries in Mendoza, Argentina are adapting to better protect themselves and their future environment.

Rie OhtaRie Ohta

Rie Ohta

Rie's thesis is on the cultural imperialism of human rights, focused on LGBT rights and differing cultural conceptions of homosexuality, focused on Senegal. She strongly believes in the necessity of examining and critiquing issues of power and privilege in development, as well as social justice work in the US and abroad.

Sophie Hawley-WeldSophie Hawley-Weld

Sophie Hawley-Weld

Sophie is writing her thesis about the new wave of peace-building in order to understand the ways that knowledge becomes viewed as legitimate in the field of social change at large. Sophie loves all music related activities--playing music, dancing, listening to music, recording music, singing, thinking about music intellectually--and plans to pursue music, with an international bent and an ability to think about the world in an intellectually rigorous way (thanks, DS), when she graduates.

Valeria FantozziValeria Fantozzi

Valeria Fantozzi

Valeria is double concentrating in Development Studies and Architectural Studies, and she is interested in the influence of architecture and design in human life, and how sustainable architecture can improve the lives of people with few resources. Her research focuses on anti-seismic and post-disaster reconstruction in developing countries, especially the case of Peru.