Chinese Film Festival

Attend the 2nd Chinese Women's Documentary Film Festival and Symposium--October 4th-6th!

We are thrilled to announce the return of the Chinese Women's Documentary Film Festival and Symposium. Five premier female directors will share their award-winning documentaries, concluding with a symposium for the viewers. 

Film Festival will be held Oct 4-5th in Metcalf-Friedman auditorium, from 12-10pm. Symposium Oct 6th in 305 Pembroke hall, from 10am-5pm. 

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About the Filmakers:

 Guo Xiaolu

 Louisa Wei

Jessey Tsang

Ji Dan

 Wu Wuna

Guo Xiaolu 郭小橹 


As both a filmmaker and author, Xiaolu Guo has received many awards and much praise for her works including Grand Prix at the 2004 Human Rights Festival in Paris, Official Selection at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and winner of the Grand Prix de Geneva at the Documentary Forum in 2012. Xiaolu studied at the Beijing Film Academy in China and the National Film School in London. Fearing for political persecution for her documentary The Concrete Revolution (2004), she relocated permanently to London. Xiaolu is quoted saying she believes “art should have social responsibility” and she has seen “how painfully individuals lives have been affected by politics”. Her film She, A Chinese (2009) has received the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno Film Festival. Other works include How is Your Fish Today? (2006) and UFO In Her Eyes (2013).

We Went To Wonderland (78 mins) 《冷酷仙境》  2008



 Once Upon A Proletarian (75mins) 《曾经的无产者》 2009

 Venice film festival interview: 


Late At Night – Voices Of Ordinary Madness (70 mins)  2013


Louisa Wei 魏时煜 


S. Louisa Wei left China in 1992 to pursue her university study in Canada. She graduated from Carleton University with an MA in comparative literature and went on to receive a PhD from the University of Alberta. Louisa has served as a researcher and educator in gender and film studies. With her knowledge of film and creative intuition, she began documentary work in 2006 to critical acclaim. Louisa focused her interest in Chinese women directors, which culminated in the book publication of Women’s Film: Dialogue with Chinese and Japanese Women Directors. Her latest documentary, Golden Gate Silver Light, explores the life and work of director Esther Eng. Louisa’s other films include A Piece of Heaven: Primary documents (2006) and Storm Under the Sun (2009).

Golden Gate Girls (110 minutes)《金门银光梦》2013




Jessey Tsang


TSANG Tsui-Shan, Best New Director of the 31st Hong Kong Film Award 2012, graduated from the School of Film and TV of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Tsang Tsui-Shan majored in sound design in 2001. She later earned a Master of Fine Arts in the Media Design and Technology program of the City University of Hong Kong in 2005. Starting with short film productions, her works have been presented internationally.  In 2008 her first directed feature film Lovers On the Road won the Best Drama Award of the 8th South Taiwan Film Festival. Her second feature, Big Blue Lake, was an international success; it won the Jury Special Award of the Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival in 2013 and the Asian New Talent Jury Prix of the Shanghai International Film Festival in 2012TSANG finished her French/ Hong Kong co-production feature documentary Flowing Stories in 2014, and her latest drama, Scent, also will be released in middle of August. 

 Lovers On the Road (74 min)  2007



Big Blue Lake (104 min) 2011



Flowing Stories (97 min)《河上變村》2014 

Ji Dan  季丹 

Ji Dan graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1987, after which she travelled to Japan and furthered her studies at Yokohama National University and Kyoto Seika University. She began her work as a filmmaker in 1994 and has shown her documentaries in festivals across the globe. Ji Dan’s documentaries have aired on the prominent media channels NHK Japan, KBS Korea, and Taiwan Gongshi Television. She garnered mass applause for her latest film When the Bough Breaks and her ability to integrate herself into the lives of her subjects. Other notable works include Dream of the Empty City (2007) and Spiral Staircase of Harbin (2008).

 Spiral Staircase of Harbin (109min)《哈尔滨旋转楼梯》2009

When the Bough Breaks  (144 min)《危巢》 2012

Wu Wuna 吳汰紝


Wu Wuna graduated from the Graduate Institute of Sound and Image at Taiwan National University of the Arts. She is now an independent documentary director. Her works are filled with unique feminine sensibilities and keenness; her camera expresses strong emotion. In the image aesthetic aspect, she often uses a different method from the old documentary pattern and always surprises her audience, which shows her potential as a filmmaker. Some of her important works are Happy or Not and Farewell (1999). She won the Grand Prize in the Taiwan International Documentary Festival and 2005 Visions Du Reel-Nyon.

My Father , My Mother (25 min)《日暮之前的領悟》2013



 Let’s Fall in Love (90min) 《尋情歷險記》 2010 


 Farewell 1999 (25min)《再會吧 》 2005