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Lectures in Chinese Culture this February

Maram Epstein
(Distributed February 5, 2015)

New Linguistics Course for Chinese Language This Fall

The East Asian Studies Department is proud to announce a new linguistics course for the Chinese language this fall. Entitled "EAS1510- Chinese: A History of the Language", this course will be the first of its kind for the department. Students will explore the origins and development of Mandarin Chinese. Read on to learn more about this exciting new offering, instructed by Professor Zhuqing Li.

(Distributed August 26, 2014)

New initiative at Peking University (PKU): The Yenching Academy

The Yenching Academy will be housed in a new residential facility in the heart of our campus.  Students – all of whom will receive fellowships that cover tuition/fees, housing and living expenses – will attend courses taught in English by faculty from PKU, China’s top-ranked university known for its leadership in the humanities, full time faculty recruited from overseas, and visiting scholars here to teach and conduct research.

(Distributed May 22, 2014)
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