Brown University School of Engineering

Engineering Concentration Committee and Advisors

The current Concentration Advisors, who are all members of the Engineering Concentration Committee, are as follows:

Concentration Advisors
R. Iris Bahar
Chair, Engineering Concentration Committee
B&H 322, 401-863-1430
Rashid Zia
Director of Undergraduate Programs
Electrical Engineering
B&H 237, x3-6351 

Sean C. Deoni

Biomedical Engineering
B&H 245, 401-863-7664
Andrew Peterson
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 
B&H 247, 401-863-2153  
Janet Blume
Civil Engineering 
UH407, B&H 741, x3-2313,3-1498
Pedro Felzenswalb
Computer Engineering 
B&H 355, x3-1531
Jacob Rosenstein
Electrical Engineering
B&H 353, x3-2652 
Alex Zaslavsky
Engineering & Physics
B&H 222, x3-1406
Indrek Külaots
Environmental Engineering
B&H 735, x3-2674 
Clyde Briant
Materials Engineering
B&H 220, 401-863-2862 
Christian Franck
Mechanical Engineering/Engineering A.B. Programs
B&H 739, x3-2863 
Special Program Advisors
Note: For the five-year A.B./Sc.B. program, see the appropriate Sc.B. Concentration Advisor listed above.
Rashid Zia
UTEP Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Program
B&H 237, x3-6351
Jennifer Franck, Brian Sheldon, Gabriel Taubin and Anita Shukla
Honors Program

Eric Suuberg
BEO Program

Student chapter and organizations Advisors
See the Student Organization Contact Information page for list of advisors.