Graduate Students in English

Andrea Actis

Research Interests: 20th- and 21st-Century North American literature; U.S. intellectual and institutional history; aesthetic theory; affect; critical animal studies; avant-gardism by other means and names

Angela Allan

Research Interests: 20th-Century American fiction
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Aaron Apps

Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; gender and sexuality; creative writing

Matthew Beach

Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-Century American literature; gender and queer theory; film; psychoanalytic theory

James Beaver

Research Interests: Early modern; metaphysical poets; mathematics and sciences; Walter Benjamin

Matthew Colburn

Research Interests: 20th-Century American fiction; narrative theory; the short story

Nathaniel Conroy

Research Interests: 20th-Century fiction; critical theory

Jeffrey Covington

Research Interests: 20th-Century British literature; memory, war & literature; aesthetics & politics

Derek Ettensohn

Research Interests: Postcolonial literature; early 20th-Century American literature; gender theory

Nicholas Farruggia

Research Interests: 20th-and 21st-Century theory/literature; American studies

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Research Interests: 20th-Century American literature; political theory; gender & sexuality; literature & the cold war
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Sachelle Ford

Research Interests: African-American and Afro-Caribbean literature; postcolonial theory
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Claire Gullander-Drolet

Research Interests: 20th-and 21st-Century American literature; critical race and gender theory; postcolonial literature; feminism, affect and the body; East Asian diaspora; translation

David Hollingshead

Research Interests: 19th- and early 20th-Century American realism and naturalism

Sean Keck

Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-Century American literature

Peter Kim

Research Interests: 19th-Century British literature; literary theory; aesthetics

Andrew Lack

Research Interests: 20th-Century American literature
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David Liao

Research Interests: Contemporary British and American literature (20th and 21st century); memory; postmodernism; world literature
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Katherine Miller

Research Interests: Modernism
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John Mulligan

Research Interests: Romantic literature; literary theory
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John Murillo

Research Interests: Afro-pessimism; poetics; rhythm; quantum mechanics; jazz aesthetics; psychoanalysis
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Jeffrey Nagy

Research Interests: Poetry and poetics

Andrew Naughton

Research Interests: 17th-Century English literature; Milton and religion; lyric poetry

Jeffrey Neilson

Research Interests: 19th- and 20th-Century American poetry; American Renaissance; Pragmatism and Literary Aesthetics; Religion and Literature

Sarah Osment

Research Interests: Late modernist American literature and poetics; aesthetics and anti-aesthetics; negativity and the nation state

Sara Pfaff

Research Interests: 20th-century American literature, especially African-American and Native-American literature; science studies; political theories of liberalism

Michelle Rada

Research Interests: Modernism; film, psychoanalysis, phenomenology

Swetha Regunathan

Research Interests: Early modern literature and theories of modernity; Postcolonial theory and globalization; South Asian diaspora; film

Louisa Rockwell

Research Interests: 20th-Century American literature; Post-colonial literature; critical race theory

Ian Sampson

Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; psychoanalytic theory; material culture (especially print culture and the history of the book)
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Jennifer Schnepf

Research Interests: 20th-Century American literature

Joel Simundich

Research Interests: 19th-Century British literature; theories of the novel; science studies; disability studies

Dorin Smith

Research Interests: 18th-and 19th-Century American literature; aesthetics; cognitive approaches to literary analysis; American nationalism; American pragmatism; transatlantic literature (specifically American, English, and German)

Jennie Snow

Research Interests: 20th-Century literature; war and literature; politics and aesthetics; poetry and poetics; phenomenology

Steven Swarbrick

Research Interests: 16th- and 17th-Century English literature and culture; science studies; literature and ecology; theories of mind and affect

Jessamyn Swift

Research Interests: Science and literature; STS; feminist science studies; new materialisms; literature and ecology

Jessica Tabak

Research Interests: Early modern English drama; the impact of unsanctioned desire on the trajectory of heteronormative narrative

Jerrine Tan

Research Interests: 19th-Century British; 20th-Century American; gender & sexuality; theory; queer theory; film
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Anna Thomas

Research Interests: 19th-and 20th-Century fiction; eugenics; critical race theory

Stephanie Tilden

Research Interests: 19th-Century American literature

Rebecca van Laer

Research Interests: Poetry and poetics; 20th-Century and Contemporary literature; history of the novel; genre theory; the long poem; creative writing

Jeremy Walker

Research Interests: Victorian literature and culture; perfectionism; embodiment; queer studies

Jennifer Wang

Research Interests: Asian North American literature; postcolonial and diaspora studies

Dashiell Wasserman

Research Interests: 20th-Century American literature; critical theory

Alison Wright

Research Interests: Shakespeare; feminist criticism

Krystal Yang

Research Interests: 20th- and 21st-Century Ethnic literature (specifically Asian American and African American); Asian American Studies; critical race and gender theory; postcolonial studies; transnational feminism; globalization and diaspora; citizenship and nationality; Western imperialism; poststructuralism and deconstruction

Minta Zlomke

Research Interests: 17th-Century literature; ideologies of race and national and cultural identity