Global Learning

A university with an international presence

Some knowledge cannot be gained from a textbook.

In order to prepare students to lead in the 21st century, Brown encourages learning about other ways of life and thought through experience—both abroad and on campus, by fostering an environment of international awareness and participation. 

On campus, the Office of International Affairs serves as a conduit through which students, visitors and scholars can access Brown’s diverse international programs and internationalization efforts and initiatives.

Brown’s recent collaborative agreements with universities in countries around the globe include Spain, India, Singapore and China. More connections already exist, too—from Armenia to Tanzania, Cuba to the United Kingdom.

More than 500 Brown students study outside of the United States each year through Brown’s numerous international partnerships offered by the Office of International Programs. Students can be found in classrooms, laboratories, libraries and research sites around the globe, participating in academic programs offered by Brown or in courses approved for credit by the university.

The mission of the Watson Institute for International Studies is to understand the conditions and consequences of the flows of knowledge, people, wealth and weapons across global contexts.

Core faculty at the Watson Institute, consisting of anthropologists, economists, political scientists, sociologists and other specialists, along with an ever-changing cohort of visiting scholars and practitioners from around the world, work with organizations, such as the United Nations, national governments, NGO’s and international enterprises to seek practicable solutions to today’s global problems, 

Local engagement in global issues is found throughout the Brown curriculum in classes such as “Cross-cultural Perspectives on Child Development,” which brings Brown students into the neighboring Liberian community.

Brown’s academic culture of open-mindedness and sense of social responsibility cultivate a spirit of international learning and collaboration on campus, locally and around the world.