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Dissertation Completion Proposal

The process for funding beyond year five is under review by a committee of faculty members, students, and deans. This webpage will be updated during Fall 2014.

All doctoral students in good standing receive five years of support from the Graduate School.  Those requiring additional time to complete degree requirements may apply for support through the Dissertation Completion Proposal (DCP). Please see the Rules for Funding Beyond Year Five.

The Graduate School, pooling resources with graduate programs, may award meritorious DCPs with stipend support, a tuition scholarship, health insurance coverage, or a combination thereof.  In most cases, stipend support during Year 6 will be in the form of teaching assistantships or teaching fellowships.

Students who are beyond the sixth year of study–now or in the next academic year– are not eligible for stipend support in 2013-2014. Those who did not complete the dissertation as scheduled under an approved DCP may submit a Dissertation Extension Proposal (DEP), requesting a tuition scholarship. They also may seek student employment on campus through the Student Employment Office

The amount of funds to be disbursed through this DCP process is influenced by contributions made by programs.  In situations of equal merit, preference is given to graduate students who receive matching support from graduate programs or other entities.

New forms for the Dissertation Completion Proposal will be posted in the fall. Proposals are due by 5:00 pm EST on the second Friday in March each year, with one exception*. Proposals received after this date will be reviewed in July.

*Current fifth-year students interested in the Brown-Wheaton Faculty Fellows program must submit the DCP by February 15. See program details for additional steps.