Upcoming Faculty Presentations Fall 2014

August 8, 2014 Vazira Zamindar gave a lecture at The School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU titled "Aesthetics and the Aerial View."
August 17, 2014 Michael Steinberg gave a lecture on Franz Schubert's opera Fierrabras at the Bard Music Festival. 
September 7, 2014 Adam Teller will be participating in (and moderating) a roundtable discussion at the Center for Jewish History in NY, entitled, "The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70 CE - 1492" sponsored by the Center's Scholars' Working Group in Jewish Economic History.
September 13, 2014 Graham Oliver participates in a panel on ancient economies at the Annual Meeting of the Economic History Association, Columbus, Ohio. His paper is titled "People and Cities: Economic Horizons beyond the Hellenistic Polis."
September 19, 2014 Harold J. Cook will present a paper, "The Implications of the Social History of Medicine for Understanding the Scientific Revolution" at conference: Sozialgeschichte der Medizin: Bilanz und Perspektiven, Institue fur Geschichte der Medizin der Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart.
September 19, 2014 Francoise Hamlin will present a talk "Oral History As Feminist History: Charting the Civil Rights Career of Vera Pigee" at Loyola University/Newberry Library.
September 26, 2014 Michael Steinberg was a member of a panel at the Hay Festival, Segovia, Spain, on "The Future of the Humanities". 
September 29, 2014 "Truth or Proof? Antiquarianism, Science, and Money in the Republic of Letters," a lecture given by Harold J. Cook at the History of Science and Medicine Colloquium, Yale University.
October 1, 2014 Amy Remensnyder will be giving a public lecture at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts entitled "Goya's Ghosts: Muslims, Christians and Jews in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia." 
October 9-11, 2014 Graham Oliver presents "Royal Correspondence and Athens: Communications between the Successors and the Greek polis in the Early Hellenistic period" at at International Conference on Alexander teh Great and His Successors, University of Utah.
October 11, 2014 Harold J. Cook presents: "Early Modern Science and Capitalism" for New England Renaissance Conference, 2014: "Cultures of Credit and Debt in Medieval and Early Modern Europe," University of New Hampshire.
October 21, 2014 A paper "Undercover for the Movement" will be presented at the Remembering Freedom Summer: Building A Better Future conference at Mississippi State University by Francoise Hamlin.
October 24, 2014 Seth Rockman will present "From Social History to Political Economy: The Changing Registers of Class and Capitalism in American History" at Economic History's Many Muses, a conference at the Library Company of Philadelphia.
October 30-November 2, 2014 Omer Bartov will be speaking at Lessons and Legacies XIII, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. Book Discussion: Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe.
November 13, 2014 Adam Teller will be presenting a seminar at the Davis Center at Princeton University as part of its working group, In the Aftermath of Catastrophe, entitled "From Amasterdam to Istanbul: The Polish-Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1648-1683.
November 17, 2014 A conference paper at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, on "Music, Jews, and Globalization" was presented by Michael Steinberg.
December 3, 2014 Omer Bartov will be speaking at a Colloquium on Postcolonial Legacies and Challenges, to be convened at Northeastern University.
December 27-28, 2014 "To Take Arms against a Sea of Troubles': Jewish Violence during the 1648 Chmielnicki Uprising in Ukraine and its Historical Significance" will be presented at an International Conference in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel entitled Making History Jewish: The Dialectics of Jewish History in Eastern Europe and in the Land of Israel by Adam Teller.
January 2- 5, 2015 Omer Bartov will be on a roundtable at the AHA 129th Annual Meeting, New York Hilton, Nassau, Suite A. "History and Historians in the Ukraine Crisis" chaired by Jeffrey Mankoff, Center for Strategic and International Studies.