Language Partners

The Language Partners Program pairs native English-speaking students studying a foreign language with students who are native speakers of that language and who desire to improve their English. The partners help each other in practicing and developing their respective second language capabilities, dividing their time together equally between the two languages. The Center for Language Studies assists learners in finding a match with other individuals, but once the partners have been identified they themselves decide on their own activities and scheduling arrangements. Partners do not have to be at the same proficiency levels in their second languages. Interested members of the Brown community should contact Jill Stewart at the Center for Language Studies with any questions. 

To apply, please fill out this online form. Interested individuals will be given a name and contact info of person looking for a partner. From there, you’re on your own! Please note that while we make every effort to find you a partner, we cannot guarantee a suitable match. The Language Partners Program is open to all members of the Brown University community, students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars. It is not necessary that partners be at the same level in their second language proficiency.