CLACS Events

Spring 2014

A printable version of the Spring 2014 schedule of events is available below.

Wednesday, 2/12: Conference on Argentina Today and Tomorrow: Prospects and Challenges, Joukowsky Forum, 2-6 PM.

Wednesday, 2/13: "Business Elites and Economic Development in Argentina and Brazil," Luis Donatello (CEIL-Argentina). McKinney Conference Room, 4 PM. (Co-sponsored by the Graduate Program in Development.)

Wednesday, 2/19: Tackling the Global Food Crisis from the Grassroots Up, Brian Rawson 93 (Oxfam), McKinney Conference Room, Noon. 

Thursday, 2/20: “Documenting and Challenging Racial Hierarchies in the Puerto Rican Classroom,” Hilda Llorens (Brown University), McKinney Conference Room, Noon.

Wednesday, 2/26: “Mestizo International Law: A Global Intellectual History 1842-1933,”Arnulf Becker (Brown University), McKinney Conference Room, Noon. (Lunch will be provided.)

Thursday, 2/27: “The Politics of Affirmative Action in Brazil,” Ollie Johnson (Wayne State University), McKinney Conference Room, 5 PM.

Monday, 3/3: Book launch and panel discussion on Singing for the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico by Paja Faudree (Brown University) with Matthew Gutmann (Brown University), Jean Jackson (MIT) and David Samuels (NYU), McKinney Conference, 5 PM.

Wednesday, 3/5: “Violent Odysseys: Improvised Transnationalism along Clandestine Routes from Central America,” Noelle Brigden (Brown University), Joukowsky Forum, 12 noon.

Thursday, 3/13: “Why Only Some New Constitutions Improve Levels of Democracy in Latin America and Beyond,” Todd Eisenstadt (Dept. of Government, American University), McKinney Conference Room, 5 PM.

Saturday, 3/15: 27th Annual Eric Adam Brudner '84 Memorial Jazz Band Concert featuring Chilean musician Melissa Aldana (Tenor Sax). Matthew McGarrell, Director. Works by Joe Henderson and original works by Melissa Aldana. Salomon Center, Room 101. 8 PM. (Organized by the Music Department.)

Friday, 4/4: “Re-discovering Pre-Columbian Central America: Encountering Early 20th Century Museum Collections in the 21st Century,” Alexander Benitez (Department of Anthropology, George Mason University). McKinney Conference Room, 4 PM. 

Saturday, 4/5: Back from Havana: Reflections on the Brown University Jazz Band's Trip to Cuba. Panel Discussion and Screening of Film by Jordan Beard '15 on the Brown University Jazz Band's 2014 Trip to Cuba, Joukowsky Forum. 5 PM. Reception to follow. (Co-sponsored with the Music Department.)

Wednesday, 4/9: Film Screening, The Day That Lasted 21 Years (Brazil, 2013) with director Camilo Tavares. (Organized by the Brazil Initiative.) Joukowsky Forum. 3-5:30 PM.

Thursday, 4/10: Thomas E. Skidmore Student and Alumni Conference on Brazil (1964-2014). (Organized by the Brazil Initiative.) Joukowsky Forum, 9 AM-3:50 PM.  

Friday, 4/11: International Symposium: Governance during Dictatorship and Democracy, Economic and Social Development with Equality, Defending Human, Democratic, and Individual Rights, Forms of Cultural Resistance. (Organized by the Brazil Initiative.) Joukowsky Forum. 9 AM - 6:30 PM.

Saturday, 4/12: Social and Political Movements in Authoritarian and Democratic Regimes, Environmental Justice and Society, Expanding Democracy during the Dictatorship and Afterward, Awarding of Thomas E. Skidmore Best Student Presentations. (Organized by the Brazil Initiative.) Joukowsky Forum. 9 AM - 5:30 PM.

Tuesday, 4/15: “Local Heroes in Colombia and Mexico: Documenting Grassroots Struggles for Peace and Social Justice” with Froylan Enciso (Fellow of  the Center for US-Mexican  Studies at UC-San Diego and The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation), Tamera Merko (Emerson College and Duke University) and Jota Samper (M.I.T.), Joukowsky Forum, 5:00 PM.

Wednesday, 4/16: Conference on Governing Climate Change: New Ideas and Latin American Leadership As Peru Prepares to host the 2014 UN Climate Negotiations, Featuring Felipe Calderón, former President of Mexico, and Ricardo Lagos, former President of Chile and Brown Professor at Large. Joukowsky Forum. 9AM -3:30 PM.

Tuesday, 4/22: “Cuba: Can Reform Save Communism?,” Richard Feinberg (University of California, San Diego). Joukowsky Forum. 5 p.m.

Wednesday, 4/23: Book presentation and panel discussion: Crecer a golpes: Crónicas y ensayos de América Latina a 40 años de Allende y Pinochet. Introduction by former President of Chile and Brown University Professor at Large Ricardo Lagos. Featuring Jon Lee Anderson, Martín Caparrós, Diego Fonseca and Enric González (editor and contributors). Joukowsky Forum, Noon. In English and Spanish. (Lunch will be provided.)

Wednesday, 4/30: Conference, Venezuela After Chavez: Challenges of Democracy, Security and Governance. This conference will include three panels: I. A View from Below: People’s Movements in the Chavez and Post-Chavez Era, II. Theorizing the Venezuelan State in the Chavez and Post-Chavez Era, and III. Living in a State of Fear: Violence and Citizen Security in Times of Bolivarian Revolution. Joukowsky Forum 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. McKinney Conference Room 2:00-5:00 PM. 

Friday, 5/2. Hispanic Cinemas Now: A One-Day Symposium Showcasing Current Work on Hispanic Cinemas. Rochambeau House. (Organized by the Department of Hispanic Studies). 10 AM- 6 PM.

Saturday, 5/3. Conference: Educating Latino Students in Rhode Island: Prospects and Challenges. Joukowsky Forum. 10 AM - 3 PM.

Thursday, 5/8. “Making and Unmaking of Caribbean Space in Miami's Art Worlds,” Lara Stein Pardo (Brown University). McKinney Conference Room. Noon. (Lunch will be provided.)