79 CHARLESFIELD contains communal living spaces on the ground floor. A large living room, library, dining room, and full kitchen are available for resident use.

Eleven bedrooms with varying floor plans are available for fellows associated with the John Carter Brown Library. Room rates (see below) vary slightly, depending on the floor and type of bathroom. Each room is equipped with queen-sized bed (with the exception of the handicapped room on the first floor; it has a twin bed), desk, lamps, bed linens, and towels.

Room 107:  
$750 Handicapped Accessible Room

Room 201A 
Shared Bath

Room 201B: $800/$900
Shared Bath

Room 202: 

Room 203: $875

Room 204: $875

Room 301A: $750/$850
Shared Bath

Room 301B:
Shared Bath

Room 302: $850

Room 303: $850

Room 304: $850

Rooms with shared baths are offered at the reduced rate while the bathroom is being shared between two residents. If the bathroom is not being shared, residents are required to pay the higher cost for the room.

Should residents need additional nights at Fiering house outside of their contracted months of occupancy (either preceding the start date of their fellowship or directly after); rooms can be rented for $35 per day. Please note that these rates are only for nights or weeks of occupancy that are added to either side of the contracted month(s).