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Xue Di & Tran Khai Thanh Thuy

Xue Di was born in Beijing.  He is the au­thor of three volumes of collected works and one book of criticism on contemporary Chinese poetry in Chinese.  In English translation, he has published four full length books, Across BordersAnother Kind of TendernessAn Ordinary Day and Heart into Soil, and four chapbooks, ForgiveCat’s Eye in a Splintered MirrorCircumstances and Flames.  His work has appeared in numerous American journals and anthologies and has been translated into several languages.  Xue Di is a two-time recipient of the Hellman/Hammett Award, and a recipient of the Lannan Foundation Fellowship.

Tran Khai Thanh Thuy is a prolific Vietnamese novelist, poet, journalist and democracy advocate.  Beginning in 2006, she was repeatedly harassed and interrogated by Vietnamese authorities after publishing articles critical of the government.   She was arrested twice and imprisoned by the Vietnamese government (in April 2007, for nine months, and again in 2010, for three years).  Her husband was also arrested in 2010 and imprisoned for two years.

Finally, in 2011, she was abruptly released from the Hanoi prison camp where she was being held, taken to Hanoi International Airport, and placed aboard an airplane that would fly her into exile in the U.S.  Forced to leave behind almost all of her person items, including poetry she had written while in prison, she was flown, with her daughter, to San Francisco.  Her husband was allowed to join them 18 months later.  The family has lived in exile in California since.