Theory Courses

In addition to taking at least four creative writing workshops covering at least two genres, students are also required to take at least six reading-intensive courses, including a course in literary theory or the history of literary criticism and a breadth of literary periods.

Theory Courses offered this academic year are listed below.  

Academic Year 2014-2015    

Fall 2014

COLT 1210   Introduction to the Theory of Literature

ENGL 1311K  Hamlet, in Theory

ENGL 1900R  Queer Relations: Aesthetics and Sexuality

ENGL 1901F  Art of Criticism

ENGL 1950F  Law and Literature

MCM 0900N    Body/Gesture/Cinema

MCM 1501I   Reading Marx

MCM 1504C  Greek Tragedy in Politics...
MCM 1504D  Sex, Difference and Relation
MCM 1700B  Approaches to Narrative
TAPS 1230  Performance Theory: Ritual, Play and Drama
TAPS 1630  Performativity and the Body

Spring 2015


See historical list of theory courses below.