Clinical Trials


BrUOG 276: A phase II evaluation of ADXS11-001, Mitomycin, 5-fluoruracil (5-FU) and IMRT for anal cancer


BrUOG 263: PSMA ADC for Recurrent Glioblastoma: A Phase II Brown University Oncology Group Study


BrUOG 291: Five Fraction Partial Breast Irradiation using Non-Invasive Image-Guided Breast Brachytherapy (NIBB) (Pending IND submission and IRB approval)


BrUOG 300: Neoadjuvant Gemcitabine and Fractionated, Weekly Cisplatin For Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer and Patients Not Candidates For High Dose Cisplatin (not yet open to accrual)


BrUOG CR-261: Aflibercept Maintenance for Patients with Resected or Ablated Metastatic Colorectal

Head and Neck and Colon

BrUOG 254: Eribulin Mesylate; Eribulin Mesylate and Cetuximab in advanced head and neck cancer


BrUOG 273: Cellular Immunotherapy for Refractory Hematological Malignancies: A Brown University Oncology Research Group Study (Lifespan only)


BrUOG 259: Stereotactic Body Radiation For Consolidation After Standard Chemoradiation For Stage III Lung Cancer

BrUOG 301: Xofigo Following Frontline-Line Chemotherapy For Patients With Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Bone Metastases (pending review by company) 


BrUOG 278: FOLFOX-A for Pancreatic Cancer: A Brown University Oncology Research Group Study

BrUOG 292: FOLFOX-A For Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: A Phase II Brown University Oncology Research Group Trial (awaiting FDA submission)

BrUOG 295: Adjuvant FOLFOX-A For Resected Pancreatic Cancer: A Phase II Brown University Oncology Research Group Trial (awaiting final approval company)


BrUOG 246: Cabazitaxel and Radiation for patients with pathologically determined stage 3 prostate cancer and/or patients with PSA Elevation (> 0.1- <2.0ng/ml) following radical prostatectomy



BrUOG 258: Assessment of the effectiveness of Chemotherapy Teaching

BrUOG 274: Do Patients Participating In Oncology Clinical Trials Understand the Informed Consent Form? 


More information regarding these current ongoing research studies can be found at the National Cancer Institute.