Faculty Profile: Belinda Borrelli, PHD, MA

Belinda Borrelli
Belinda Borrelli, PHD, MA
Professor of Psychiatry/Human Behavior (Research)
Bio Med Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Work: +1 401-793-8040
Belinda Borrelli is a Professor at Brown University and Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester, UK. She develops and tests treatments to motivate health behavior change (smoking cessation, medication adherence, oral health, sleep apnea, asthma) in many populations (people with disabilities, African Americans, Latinos, urban teens, older adults). She is interested in 1) increasing risk perception through health feedback, 2) working with culturally diverse populations & 3) mHealth.


Belinda Borrelli, PhD is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Program in Nicotine and Tobacco at Brown Medical School & The Miriam Hospital. She also has an appointment as Professor in the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Brown University School of Public Health. She was also recently appointed as Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom. Dr. Borrelli has over 80 peer-reviewed publications and is the Principal Investigator or Co-investigator of grants on motivating behavior change across diverse areas including smoking cessation, medication adherence, asthma, oral health, sleep apnea, diet, exercise, and obesity. Dr. Borrelli has given over 65 invited talks on her research. Dr. Borrelli was the previous Associate Editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and is currently Associate Editor of Health Psychology, the most cited journal in psychology. She has served on various scientific grant review committee at the National Institutes of Health. She is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association and Chair of the Division 38 membership council.



Research Description

My research program involves developing theory-based health behavior interventions to proactively reach those who would not spontaneously seek, or have access to treatment. I believe that population-based health behavior change can occur by targeting 4 areas: 1) developing new channels to proactively reach those who are most at risk; 2) developing new methods of intervention; particularly tailored to those who are not motivated to change, 3) attention to both treatment outcomes and theoretical mechanisms of change, and 4) integration of of effective interventions into existing infrastructures and using technology to promote and sustain health behavior change.

My research also involves cultural adaptation of evidenced based interventions. I have developed a model that outlines the criteria and methods for developing and testing interventions with special populations. This is published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 2010.

One of my primary areas of research is to motivate smoking cessation among medical populations through Motivational Enhancement methods (e.g., Motivational Interviewing; MI) and augmentation of risk perception through biomarker feedback. In one NIH funded study, 98 home health care nurses were randomized to deliver either a smoking cessation intervention based on MI and risk feedback or an an intervention based on clinical guidelines to their medically ill patients receiving home care. Thus the intervention was integrated into existing clinical care, reaching patients who may or may not be motivated to quit smoking. I have also conducted a series of NIH funded studies involving motivating smoking cessation and second hand smoke reduction among caregivers of children with asthma. These interventions capitalize on a teachable moment (e.g., recent visit to the emergency room) using biomarker feedback to increase perception of risk. The intervention was replicated in another study with Latino smokers, in which the intervention was culturally adapted to this population.

My most recent research involves using Behavioral Activation to motivate smoking cessation in smokers with mobility impairments. The first phase of this project involves using both qualitative and quantitative methods, as well as community based participatory research, to develop a series of theory-based videos to motivate smoking cessation and increase empowerment. The second phase of this research involved testing these videos in a randomized controlled trial to determine whether or not they are effective in promoting smoking cessation in this population.

I have extrapolated my treatment models to health domains outside of smoking, including colon cancer screening, oral health, asthma, medication adherence, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) adherence, depression, obesity, diet, exercise, and diabetes. I have also applied motivational interviewing and health behavior change methods to diverse populations (People with disabilities, Native Americans, Latinos, Inner city adolescents, older adults, African Americans).

A separate line of study involves developing and publishing guidelines on treatment fidelity of health behavior change studies. I co-chaired on NIH committee on treatment fidelity in order to develop these guidelines. These guidelines are viewed as supplementary to CONSORT for behavioral health interventions and are published in Health Psychology and the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, the latter includes an assessment tool for researchers on treatment fidelity. These guidelines have been updated in an invited article (B. Borrelli, 2011, American Journal of Preventive Dentistry).

Grants and Awards

2013 Visiting Professor, The University of Manchester, United Kingdom

2012 Fellow, Division 38, Health Psychology

2012 Fellow, The American Psychological Association

2011-13 Nominated, Brown Medical School Teaching Award

2010 Honorary Editorial Board, Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

2010 Invited expert testimony to HRSA on Evidenced Based Interventions

2010 Invited Editor, Special Issue on Smoking Cessation, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology

2010-pre. Associate Editor, Health Psychology

2008- pres. Assistant Editor, Addiction, An International Journal

2008-pres Invited Member, Honorary Editorial Board, Psychology Research and Behaviour Management

2007 Received "Most Read Article of 2006" on Medscape, and Editor's Top Pick (Psychiatry).

Editorial Board, Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 2005- present.

2004-2010 Associate Editor, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

Honorary Master of Arts (Ad Eundem, Brown University)

Young Investigator Award, Brown Medical School.

1998 Nominated, Brown University School of Medicine Teaching Award


2000-present American Psychological Association (APA)

1997-present Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

1990 - present American Psychological Association

1992 - present Society of Behavioral Medicine

2000-present Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

2010-present Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco-Europe

Funded Research


1. 2009-2015. Principal Investigator. Motivating Smoking Cessation among Smokers with Mobility Impairments. Funding Agency: NCI R01 CA137616. Total costs: $2,900,000

2. 2007-2013, Co-Investigator. Motivating Adherence to CPAP in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Funding Agency: NHLBI R01 HL067209 (Aloia, PI, National Jewish, Denver, CO) Amount of Subcontract : $268,176 direct costs.

3. 2008-2014, Co-Investigator. Motivating Improved Self-Management among Older Teens & Adults with CF. Funding Agency: NHLBI R01 HL087997 (K. Rieckert, PI, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine). Amount of Subcontract: $282,465 direct costs.

4. 2008-2015, Co-Principal Investigator. Prevention of Dental Caries among children in low income housing in Boston. Funding Agency: NIDCR 5 U54 DEO19275-05 M.Henshaw, PI). Amount of Subcontract: $930,278 direct costs.

5. 2009-2014. Co-Investigator (Funding Agency: NCI RO1 5 R01 CA141587-04 D. Brooks, PI, Boston University). Motivating smoking cessation in a low-income public housing population. Total direct costs: $268,852.

6. 2011-2016, Mentor, B. Borrelli, (A. Busch, PI , Miriam Hospital). Integrated Smoking Cessation and Mood Management for Cardiac Patients. Total direct costs: $640,824 (NIH-NHLBI, K23 HL 107391).

7. 2012-2017, Co-Investigator, B. Borrelli (B.Bock, PI) System-based Tracking and Treatment for Emergency Patients who Smoke: STTEPS Total year 1: $632,942( NCI R01CA156699).

8. 2013-2015, Co-Investigator/Mentor, B. Borrelli (T. Wagener, PI, Univ. of Oklahoma 1R21CA164521-01). Novel Methods of Reducing Children's Secondhand Smoke Exposure. Total direct costs: $275,000.

9. 2014-2016. Cancer Research UK Development Grant (I. Jacobs, PI; B. Borrelli Co-I). Total directs costs: £300,000.


1. 1994 Principal Investigator. Smoking Cessation Among Untreated Women With and Without a History of Depression. Brown University School of Medicine, Clinical Psychology Internship Consortium, $300.00.

2. 1996-7 Principal Investigator. A New Channel for Behavioral Health Intervention: The Visiting Nurse Association. Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Brown University School of Medicine. Total direct costs: $20,000.

3. 1996-7 Principal Investigator. A Guide for Nurses to Implement Best Practice Smoking Cessation within Home Health Care . Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Total direct costs: $46,816.

4. 1996 Co-Investigator. (D. Abrams, PI). Motivating Alcoholics to Quit Smoking. NIAAA. Direct costs: $2,289,980 (1996-2002).

5. 1999 Co-Investigator. (D. Abrams, PI; TTURC-SPORE; NCI, NIAAA; P50 CA84719). Efficiency of Sustained Cessation for Populations

6. 1997-2003 Principal Investigator. (R01 CA74553). A New Channel for Smoking Cessation: Visiting Nurses. National Cancer Institute Translational Research Award Direct costs: $499,979.

7. 2002 & 2003 Principal Investigator. Funding Agency: Rhode Island Department of Health "Translating Research into Real World: The VNA as a Channel for Smoking Cessation. Direct costs: $60,000

8. 1999-2005 Principal Investigator (R01 HL62165). Motivating Parents of Kids with Asthma to Quit Smoking. National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute Direct costs: $1,412,005.

9. 2000 Principal Investigator. Enhancing Treatment Fidelity in Clinical Outcome Studies. NHLBI Administrative Supplement.
Total costs: $114,000 (2001-2004)

10. 2000-2005, Co-Investigator. (M. Aloia, PI; R01, HL67209). Motivating CPAP Adherence in Patients with Moderate to Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Direct costs: $252,000

11. 2003-07 Principal Investigator. The Miriam Hospital (intramural funding). "Motivating Smoking Cessation in Hospitalized Patients." Training Program for Health Care Providers. Direct costs: $24,993

12. 2004-2007 Principal Investigator. "Motivating Latino Parents to Quit Smoking." The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Smoke Free Families. Direct Costs: $250,000.

13. 2007-08 Principal Investigator. Smoking Cessation in a Non-Ambulatory population. Intramural funding, Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, Brown Medical School & The Miriam Hospital. $10,000

14. 2005-2011, Co-Investigator. Motivating Asthma Adherence in Urban Pre & Early Teens. (C. Rand, PI, John Hopkins School of Medicine). Funding Agency: NIH-NHLBI, R01 HL079301 Amount of Subcontract: $214,312 direct costs.

15 . 2006-2010, Co-Investigator. School-based asthma therapy: Stage 2 Effectiveness Study-Revised. Funding Agency: NIH-NHLBI, R01HL079954 (J.Halterman, PI, University of Rochester Medical School). Amount of Subcontract $146,087 direct costs.

16. 2005-2012, Principal Investigator. (R01 HL062165-06) -Sustaining Cessation in Smokers with Kids with Asthma. Funding agency. Direct costs $2,408,862

17. 2004-2011, Co-Investigator. Sustained Cessation among Pregnant Smokers. (T.Lasater, PI, Brown University). Funding Agency: NIH-NHLBI, R01 HL77608 Amount of Subcontract: $1,000,000 direct costs.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Borrelli has served as primary mentor to numerous clinical psychology interns and post-doctoral fellows,and is also a mentor on the T32 Cardiovascular Fellowship at Brown University. She has also served as primary mentor on two NIH funded K grants. Between July 2009-January 2013, she published 28 peer-reviewed papers; 15 of these were first authored by her mentees. She was a major course leader for the Behavioral Medicine Clinical Psychology Interns, for over 10 years. She regularly provides lectures to clinical psychology interns and post-doctoral fellows on topics of Health Psychology, Research Design, and intervention development, and has provided lectures to undergraduate and graduate students at Brown University, local colleges, and The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. As Director of the Program of Nicotine and Tobacco, she regularly provides mentorship to junior and mid-level faculty.

Dr. Borrelli has trained hundreds of physicians, nurses, medical residents, medical students, and psychology interns in motivational interviewing techniques for health behavior change, including smoking cessation, medication adherence, asthma, adherence to diabetic regimens, and physical activity. She also provides seminars and workshops at national medical conferences. She has trained all nurses at both The Miriam Hospital and RI Hospital to implement best practice guidelines for smoking cessation counseling. She developed a pocket guide and educational curriculum for nurses. She was recently invited by the Texas Board of Higher Education to review a proposed Psychology PhD program at the University of Texas, San Antonio.

Courses Taught

  • Medical Interviewing (591)

Selected Publications

  • Borrelli, B., McQuaid, E.L. & Wagener, T.L. Asthma vs. healthy children: Differences in smoke exposure and caregiver perceived risk. (In press, Nicotine & Tobacco Research). (2014)
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