Faculty Profile: Michael Goldstein, MD

Michael Goldstein
Michael Goldstein, MD
Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Bio Med Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Work: +1 401-273-7100
Dr. Goldstein has served as Principal Investigator for several NIH-funded studies that developed and tested educational interventions to enhance clinician delivery of smoking cessation, physical activity, and other preventive counseling interventions in primary care settings. He is currently a consultant on several trials testing strategies to increase physical activity, and other health behaviors, among patients with medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes.


Michael G. Goldstein, MD is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Alpert Medical School. Since September, 2010, he has served as Associate Chief Consultant for Preventive Medicine at the Veteran Health Administration's National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Michael was formerly Chief of the Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences Service at the Providence VA Medical Center and an investigator at the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine (CBPM) at The Miriam Hospital. He continues to serve as a consultant on CBPM research trials addressing health behavior change in health care settings. Previously, Michael was Medical Director of Behavioral Medicine at the Miriam Hospital and an Associate Director for Clinical Education and Research at the Institute for Healthcare Communication, a non-profit foundation in New Haven, CT. Michael has served as Co-Course Director for preclinical Social and Behavioral Sciences courses at Alpert Medical School, and as Principal Investigator for several NIH-funded research grants which tested educational interventions to enhance clinician delivery of preventive counseling interventions in primary care settings. He served on the Tobacco Dependence Clinical Practice Guideline Panel for the U.S. Public Health Service and was a member of the Risk Communication Advisory Committee for the Food and Drug Administration.



Grants and Awards

Association for Academic Psychiatry Psychiatric Education Award, 1995
President, The Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2001- 2002. Distinguised Service Award, the Society of Behavioral Medicine, 2006.
Elected Fellow of the American Academy on Physician and Patient, the Society of Behavioral Medicine and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association


Society of Behavioral Medicine
American Academy on Communication in Healthcare
Institute for Healthcare Communication

Funded Research

One Step at A Time (Co-investigator) - This is a NIA-funded study testing the efficacy of a brief motivational counseling intervention to increase adoption of physical activity among older adults. The intervention is being delivered in a primary medical care setting.

Immunize Against Tobacco (Co-investigator) - This is a NCI/NIDA funded study testing the efficacy of a brief motivational counseling intervention to decrease the uptake of tobacco use among children ages 8-13. The intervention is being delivered in the context of a primary pediatric care (Hasbro Hospital). (Co- Investigator)

Check it Out (Co-investigator) - This is a NCI-funded study testing the efficacy of a health educator-delivered intervention to increase the frequency of skin self-exam among patients in primary care medical practices. Increased skin self-exam may reduce the morbidity of skin cancer by enhancing early identification and treatment. (Co-Investigator)

Moving Forward II - This NCI-funded study is testing the efficacy of a physical activity intervention that is offered to breast cancer survivors in the setting of follow-up oncology care. (Co-Investigator)

Teaching Experience

Health Behavior Change, Clinician-Patient Communication, Healthcare Communication, Quality Improvement, Self-Management Support, Integreating Psychiatry into Medical Settings, Prevention, Motivational Interviewing.

Selected Publications

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