Faculty Profile: Maria Mancebo, PhD

Maria Mancebo
Maria Mancebo, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Human Behavior (Research)
Psychiatry & Human Behavior
Work: +1 401-455-6216
My research interests focus on anxiety disorders, behavioral therapies,dissemination and implementation of evidence based psychosocial treatments, and long-term outcome of OCD. I have been awarded an NIMH career development award to develop and implement a behavioral team intervention for OCD in a community mental health center. I am also a Co-investigator on an NIMH grant studying the long-term outcome of OCD and another NIMH grant investigating the efficacy of an exercise intervention for OCD.


Maria Mancebo is an Assistant Professor (Research) in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown. She received a B.A. from Providence College, a M.A from Connecticut College, and a Ph.D. from Hofstra University. Following a clinical internship at St. Barnabas Hospital in NY, she completed a post-doctoral fellowship with the OCD Research Program at Brown. She is currently a Research Psychologist at Butler Hospital. Dr. Mancebo specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder and compulsive hoarding. Her primary research interests focus on implementing evidence-based therapies in community settings, treatment adherence, and developing behavioral interventions for individuals with OCD that do not currently benefit from treatment.



Research Description

My research focuses on studying the long-term outcome of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and implementing evidence-based treatments in community settings. I have been awarded an NIMH career development award to adapt and implement exposure therapies for low-income individuals with OCD receiving care in community mental health centers. I am also a Co-Investigator of NIMH-funded prospective, follow-up study of the long-term course of OCD. Other research interests include treatment dissemination, adherence, and utilization.

Grants and Awards

Psychiatry Research Mentor Award,
Brown Medical School, Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, 2004-2005

NIH Extramural Loan Repayment Award in Clinical Research


Member, American Psychological Association
Member, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
Professional Member, Obsessive Compulsive Foundation
Member, Rhode Island Psychological Association

Funded Research

Current Funding: Principal Investigator, "Development of a Behavioral Team Intervention for OCD", NIMH K23MH091032-01, 7/2010-5/2015.
Past Funding: Co-Investigator/Project Director, "Follow-up Study of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder", NIMH 2 R01 MH060218-06 (P.I. Rasmussen), 6/01 – 5/31/11.

Teaching Experience

Faculty, DPHB Psychiatry Resident Seminars: Supportive Psychotherapy Seminar Series, Psychotherapy for OCD.

Selected Publications

  • Sibrava, N.J., Boisseau, C.L., Mancebo, M.C., Eisen, J.L. & Rasmussen, S.A. (in press). Prevalence and clinical characteristics of mental rituals in a longitudinal clinical sample of obssessive compulsive disorder. Depression and Anxiety. (2011)
  • Mancebo, M.C., Eisen, J.L., Sibrava, N., Dyck, I.R. & Rasmussen, S.A. (2011). Patient utilization of cognitive-behavioral therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder. Behavior Therapy, 42, 399-412. (2011)
  • Eisen, J.L., Pinto, A., Mancebo, M.C., Dyck, I., Orlando, M.E. & Rasmussen, S.A. A two-year follow-up study of the course of obsessive compulsive disorder (2010). Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 71(8), 1033-1039. (2010)
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