Faculty Profile: Jason Hack, MD

Jason Hack, MD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Director for Division of Medical Toxicology
Emergency Medicine
Work: +1 401-444-5826
Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology Topics.
Currently I am involved in research looking at intralipid's interaction with ACLS medication, a novel approach to the assessment of intoxicated patients, adverse events associated with opioid medications.


I received my training in the dynamic and challenging emergency department at Bellevue Hospital in NYC. The fast pace of the ED afforded me the opportunity to create a strong foundation for my practice of emergency medicine and confirmed my decision to pursue an academic career; I wanted to expand EM's boundaries, and increase my understanding of the human condition. I learned from a dedicated faculty who valued patient advocacy and that quality of care comes not only from applying technical skills but also from listening to the patient and every stakeholder.
During my toxicology fellowship, I continued to develop a real love for teaching, both at bedside and formal lectures; developing, initiating, and completing research; and writing journal articles and chapters.
Now, years after I first stepped into an ED, I am still excited to come to work everyday.
My research interests include both Emergency medicine and Medical toxicology topics.

Grants and Awards

Chief Resident Bellevue, Department of Emergency Medicine;
Special Recognition Award ECU, Dedication in the Teaching of Medical Toxicology
Faculty Teaching Award ECU, Department of Emergency Medicine, 2001
Special Recognition Award. Eastern Tarheel Chapter, Emergency Nurses Association, NC
Faculty Teaching Award ECU, Department of Emergency Medicine, 2008
Service, Scholarship Award ECU, Department of Emergency Medicine, 2008
Master of Arts ad undem Brown University, May, 2010



Teaching Experience

I am the program director and a educator for the Medical Toxicology rotation for the Department of Emergency Medicine

Selected Publications

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