Faculty Profile: Denise Tyler, Ph.D.

Denise Tyler
Denise Tyler, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Health Services, Policy & Practice (Research)
Health Services Policy & Practice
Work: +1 401-863-3894
Dr. Tyler's research focuses on long-term care, especially the work of nursing employees in nursing homes. Her research has examined job satisfaction and motivation among these workers, ways to improve teamwork among frontline nursing employees, cultural competency in nursing homes, and the training of direct-care workers.


Dr. Denise Tyler has been conducting research on long-term care facilities and their employees for several years. Her research is focused primarily on nursing workers in long-term care facilities, including ways to improve work experiences, training, and teamwork. She has completed studies on the ways in which nursing home organizational structure can be enhanced to increase teamwork among direct-care workers, the reasons for declining availability of nursing home based pre-employment training for nursing assistants, and participatory action research that addressed cultural competence among nursing staff. Her current research focuses on enhancing the supervisory skills of nurses in ways that empower nursing assistants to apply their own skills and knowledge. Dr. Tyler received her Ph.D. in Social Policy from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University.

Research Description

Dr. Tyler's research has examined the organizational factors related to teamwork among direct-care workers in nursing homes. She has also studied the job and organizational factors that affect the satisfaction and motivation of nursing employees in long-term care facilities, cultural competence among nursing staff, training for direct-care workers and factors related to implementation of innovative new practices in nursing homes. Dr. Tyler's most recent research is focused on training for direct-care workers and their supervisors, especially on how supervisory practices may influence the ability of direct-care workers to apply knew knowledge.


Gerontological Society of America

Funded Research

Principal Investigator, VA IIR 11-353, Training and Coaching to Promote High Performance in VA Community Living Centers, 8/1/13 -7/31/16, $953,455

Principal Investigator, Commonwealth Fund #20130200, Innovation in High Medicaid Nursing Homes, 6/1/13 – 1/31/14, $32,449

Principal Investigator, American Health Care Association contract, Development of an MDS-based Measure of Community Discharge, 4/1/13 – 12/31/13, $42,321

Selected Publications

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