Faculty Profile: Rosa Baier, MPH

Rosa Baier
Rosa Baier, MPH
Teaching Associate
Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice
Work: +1 401-528-3205
My work focuses on measuring and improving the quality of health care, with an emphasis on public reporting and cross-setting care transitions. Overall, my goal is to collaborate with healthcare providers, stakeholders and researchers to implement and evaluate sustainable systems change that improves care and experience for vulnerable patients. I enjoy working with undergraduate and graduate students on a variety of quality improvement projects.


Rosa Baier, MPH earned a BA in Public Health from Wellesley College and a MPH from the Program in Public Health at the School of Public Health of Brown University. Her graduate research with Drs. Vince Mor and David Gifford focused on nursing home quality measurement. Her subsequent research has focused on public reporting and cross-setting care transitions. She is Senior Scientist at Healthcentric Advisors, a Providence-based non-profit quality improvement agency.

Research Description

I am principal investigator of an Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality project to develop and test consumer-centric home health public reports. My co-investigators and I interviewed patients/families and case managers to learn what consumers want in a public report. We are now developing a new consumer-centric report. Next, we will randomize hospitalized patients to receive either an existing report or the new report, and evaluate the impact on their home health agency choices and post-discharge outcomes.

I also lead the Rhode Island Department of Health's Healthcare Quality Reporting Program, which publishes clinical quality measures and patient satisfaction for a variety of provider settings (home health agencies, hospitals, nursing homes) and structural measures of health IT adoption for licensed independent practitioners (physicians, advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants). I am the state's designated HAI Coordinator.

Finally, I am on the leadership team of a Medicare program to improve the safety of patients' care transitions across the continuum. My work includes developing and disseminating a series of setting-specific Safe Transitions Best Practices Measures. We developed these measures using a consensus process to set community standards for provider-to-provider communication and patient activation. The hospital and community physician best practices have been incorporated into payor-provider contracts.


Healthcentric Advisors (2002-present)
Rhode Island HAI Coordinator, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2009-present)
Board of Directors, Rhode Island Public Health Institute (2010-present)
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Corporation (2013-present)

Selected Publications

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