Faculty Profile: Momotazur Rahman, PhD

Momotazur Rahman, PhD
Investigator in Health Services Policy & Practice
Public Health-Health Services Policy & Practice
Work: +1 401-863-1275


Dr. Rahman completed his PhD in economics in 2010 from Brown University focusing on applied micro and health economics. He is mainly interested in understanding the causes of persistent gap in health outcome across different demographic and socio-economic groups in the United States. Most of his works are on access, utilization and outcomes of nursing home population. His Ph.D. thesis examined how proximity and racial composition of residents in nursing homes play an important role in individuals' choice of nursing facility. Currently he serves as analyst in four different research grants at the center for gerontology and health services research.

Selected Publications

  • Grabowski DC, Feng Z, Hirth R, Rahman M, Mor V, Effect of Nursing Home Ownership on the Quality of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care: An Instrumental Variables Approach. Journal of Health Economics in press. (IN PRESS)
  • Rahman M, Grabowski DC, Cai S, Intrator O, Mor V, Mental Illness and Nursing Home Quality of Care. Health Service Research in press. (IN PRESS)
  • Rahman M, Zinn JS, Mor V, Impact of Fewer Hospital Based Nursing Homes on SNF Re-Hospitalization. Health Service Research in press. (IN PRESS)