Concentration in Medical Informatics

Concentration in Medical Informatics

Concentration Directors

Cedric J. Priebe III, MD
Title: Chief Information Officer, Care New England
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Email Address:
Phone: 401-921-2710
Mailing Address: Information Services Department
10 Health Lane
Warwick, RI  02886


The discipline of medical informatics includes all aspects of understanding and promoting the effective organization, analysis, management, and use of information in health care. While the field of medical informatics shares the general scope of these interests with some other health care specialties and disciplines such as health services research, computer sciences, quality improvement and public health, medical informatics has developed its own areas of emphasis and approaches that have set it apart from other disciplines and specialties.
The goals of the Scholarly Concentration in Medical Informatics are to expose the scholar to a basic set of core medical informatics principles through a guided review of foundational literature and topical discussions with medical informatics practitioners and peers and to guide the scholar towards an independent scholarly study and associated scholarly deliverable.

Learning Objectives

By graduation, students completing the Medical Informatics Concentration will:

  • Acquire an understanding of the scope and process of the discipline of medical informatics
  • Become familiar with the seminal contributions of leading institutions and investigators in medical informatics
  • Develop a competency to approach clinical operational challenges including patient safety and quality using methodologies with the discipline of medical informatics.


  • Students will participate in regular small group and one-on-one discussions with co-directors and faculty mentors on  topics  relevant to the field of medical informatics
  • Students will propose and develop a topic for a scholarly project. That project will be approved by their faculty mentor by the end of the student’s second year. Prior to graduation the quality and merit of the scholarly project will be formally appraised by the faculty mentor and co-directors of the Medical Informatics Concentration.

Project Example

  • Standards based clinical application development
  • Patient safety interventions through clinical decision support
  • Web-based patient-provider interactions
  • Medical informatics curriculum development and implementation for fellow BMS students
  • Mobile device reference and/or applications for use by patients, AMS student, or other clinicians

Maximum Number of Students

Given the limited number of AMS faculty with a background or research interest in medical informatics, it is anticipated that the co-directors of the Scholarly concentration would be the mentors for all students in the Medical Informatics Concentration. A maximum of 2 students could be accommodated per year.

Faculty Mentors

In addition to the Medical Informatics Scholarly Concentration director other AMS faculty with a background, expertise and interest in medical informatics can be approached to participate as faculty mentors and participants in an evaluation committee for all medical informatics scholarly projects.

Funding Opportunities
(alternatives to Summer Assistantships)

At the present time there are no resources other than the generally available Summer Assistantships (SA’s) that can be used by students in a Medical Informatics Concentration.