Chronic Disease Management Program (CDM)

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The Community Health Network, Move Your Measures
Release: 2-26-15 | Expires 2-26-17 
Understanding Diabetes Standards of Care
Release: 1-22-15 | Expires 1-22-17 
Quality Reporting in eClinicalWorks: Become a Data Geek!
Release: 12-18-14 | Expires 12-18-16
Medication Therapy Management (MTM)and the Ambulatory Care Setting
Release: 9-25-14 | Expires 9-25-16 
Defining Asthma Control
Release: 8-21-14 | Expires 8-21-16
Integrated Model for Addressing Obesity
Release: 6-19-2014 | Expires 6-19-2016
How to Ensure That You Have Identified All of Your Hypertensive Patients
Release: 5-29-2014 | Expires 5-29-2016 
Using the Stages of Change to Assist Patients to Make Lifestyle Changes
Release:  4-29-2014 | Expires:  4-29-2016
Prediabetes: Current Understanding and Available Programs
Release:  3-27-2014 | Expires:  3-27-2016
Data Optimization in Population Management
Release:  2-27-2014 | Expires:  2-27-2016
Transformation and Quality Improvement
Release:  1-16-2014 | Expires:  1-16-2016
Referring Patients to Chronic Disease and Self-Management Programs
Release:  12-20-2013 | Expires:  12-20-2015
Overview of Motivational Interviewing
Release:  12-13-2013 | Expires:  12-13-2015