7:00–7:45 am Registration, Continental Breakfast and Visit Exhibitors
7:45–7:50 Introduction
E. Scott Paxton, MD
7:50–8:10 Physical Examination of the Shoulder
E. Scott Paxton, MD
8:10–8:40 Physical Examination of the Elbow/Forearm/Hand
Christopher Got, MD
8:40–9:10 Learn From the Experts: A How to Guide for Diagnostic
Examination of the Arm and Shoulder

University Orthopedics Faculty
9:10–9:30 Break and Visit Exhibitors
9:30–9:50 Common Findings in Shoulder Imaging: What Does This MRI Report Really Mean?
Peter T. Evangelista, MD
55 Year Old With Pain Raising Arm Over Head, “I Think It Is My Rotary Cup”
Michael J. Hulstyn, MD
45 Year Old With Pain and Shoulder Stiffness, “And I Can’t Sleep!”
E. Scott Paxton, MD
65 Year Old With Pain and Shoulder Stiffness, “It Clicks & Pops All the Time!”
Andrew Green, MD
75 Year Old Who Cannot Lift Arm, “I Can’t Do My Hair Anymore”
Andrew Green, MD
60 Year Old Male With a Broken Shoulder, “The ER Put Me In This Sling and Told Me To Follow-Up”
Roman Hayda, MD
11:50–12:05 pm
Discussion and Question & Answer Session
Lunch and Visit Exhibits
35 Year Old With A Broken Elbow, “The ER Put This Splint On Me and Told Me to Follow-Up”
Roman Hayda, MD
1:15–1:35 45 Year Old With Activity Related Elbow Pain, “It Hurts When I Grab Things At Work”
Rhazib Khaund, MD
1:35–1:55 45 Year Old With Elbow Stiffness/Locking Up, “I Can’t Even Get My Hand To My Mouth Anymore”
Manuel F. DaSilva, MD
1:55–2:20 45 Year Old With Acute Elbow Pain and Bruising After Lifting a Couch, “Something Popped”
Manuel F. DaSilva, MD
2:20–2:45 45 Year Old With Hand Numbness, “I Think I Have That Car Pool Tunnel”
Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD
2:45–3:05 35 Year Old With Wrist Pain, “I Can’t Lift My Baby Up”
Edward A. Akelman, MD
3:05–3:30 60 Year Old With Hand Stiffness, “I Can’t Even Do The Buttons On My Shirt”
Christopher Got, MD
3:30–3:55 45 Year Old Male With Traumatic Hand Pain, “FOOSH”
Julia A. Katarincic, MD
3:55–4:15 Lumps and Bumps of the Upper Extremity
Richard Terek, MD
4:15–4:20 Discussion and Question & Answer Session
4:20 pm Wrap-Up and Adjourn
E. Scott Paxton, MD