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Program Highlights:

Keynote Lectures

David Felson, MD, MPH, Multidscinplinary Clinical Research Center Grant | Professor of Medicine & Epidemiology Associate | Boston University School of Medicine | Boston, MA


Dr. Felson is a Professor of Medicine and Public Health, and Principal Investigator of the NIH-funded Boston University Multipurpose Arthritis
and Musculoskeletal Diseases Center and the Boston University Multidisciplinary Research Center. An expert on the epidemiology and
pathophysiology of osteoarthritis, Dr. Felson has led numerous large cohort studies in osteoarthritis, with the goal of elucidating risk factors for the disease, as well as its natural history.


Caley M. Orr, PhD, Department of Anatomy | Midwestern University |
Downers Grove, Illinois

Dr. Orr is a paleoanthropologist and functional anatomist and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy at Midwestern University’s
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. His primary research interests are focused on understanding the evolutionary history of the human postcranial skeleton (especially the hands and feet) and what this tells us about the intertwined origins of our bipedal locomotion, enhanced manipulative capabilities, and tool use. Much of this work is conducted using a variety of methods in biomedical imaging and morphometrics to study the comparative anatomy of humans, other extant primates, and early fossil human ancestors.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

5:00 - 6:00 pm
(Tea Room)
5:30 - 7:00 pm
(Colonnade Room)
Welcome Reception

 Friday, October 25, 201 

7:00–8:00 am
(Salon D/E)
Registration & Breakfast
(Salon C)
Opening Remarks
(Salon C)
Workshop Session 1
A. Hoang-Kim
M. Marks
(Salon C)
David Felson, MD, MPH
(Salon D/E)
Break & Visit Exhibitors
(Salon C)
Session I
P1 - J.J. Crisco
P2 - A.L. Ladd
P3 - K. Zhao
P4 - J.M. Wolf
P5 - F.J. Valero-Cuevas
11:20–11:40 Discussion
(Salon D/E)
Break & Visit Exhibitors
11:50–12:40 pm Session II
P1 - H.S. Gong
P2 - A.L. Ladd
P3 - M.T.Y. Schneider
P4 - F. Stockmans
P5 - S. Van Nortwick
12:40–1:00 Discussion
(Bellevue Room)
2:00–2:50 Session III
P1 - J.J. Faillace
P2 - N. Gillham
P3 - N. Gillham
P4 - J.L. Orbay
P5 - E. Halilaj
2:50–3:10 Discussion
3:10–3:30 Break & Visit Exhibitors
3:30–4:10 Session IV
P1 - F. Stockmans
P2 - A. Siddiqui
P3 - A. Siddiqui
P4 - M.J.P.F. Ritt
P5 - S.W. Wolfe
4:10–4:30 Discussion
4:30–4:50 Break & Visit Exhibitors
4:50–5:30 Session V
P1 - J. L. DelSignore
P2 - M.S. Moneim
P3 - M.D. Putnam
P4 - E.E. Vereecke
5:30–5:50 Discussion
5:50 pm Adjourn
6:30–10:00 pm
(Restoration Hall - IYRS
School of Technology & Trades)
Lobster and Clam Bake Banquet

Saturday, October 26, 2013

7:00–8:00 am
(Salon D/E)
(Salon C)
Session VI
P 1 - C.T. Hung
P2 - Z.M. Li
P3 - Q. Zheng
P4 - J.Z. Wu
P5 - M.P. Rosenwasser
8:50–9:10 Discussion
9:10–10:10 Keynote
Calley M. Orr, PhD
(Salon D/E)
Break & Visit Exhibitors
10:40–11:30 Session VII
P 1 - M.P. Rosenwasser
P2 - S.J. Wohlman
P3 - M.D. Putnam
P4 - D. Mercer
P5 - A.J. Chaudhari
11:30–11:50 Discussion
11:50–12:50 pm Workshop Session 2
A. Hoang-Kim
M. Marks
(Salon C)
Working Lunch
1:50 pm Adjourn