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Infectious fungus, thought to be asexual, isn’t

Candida troCandida TropicalisCandida Tropicalispicalis turns out to have sex, making it the second medically important member of the genus to be capable of mating. Sex may improve the survival of the species, particularly when it’s under pressure. It may also mean the species can a chieve greater virulence or drug resistance more quickly than previously thought.  Credit: David Orenstein, December 5, 2011

A first-year fast track to the excitement and challenge of science

In their first semester at Brown, students have had the chance to discover their own species, name it, examine  its DNA and walk the walk of real scientists. Even as the students toiled against the clock one No vember day, they readily took the time to praise the experience. Credit: David Orenstein, November 29, 2011

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