MPP Graduate Students

 Ayed Allawzi
Box G

Research: My research focuses on the role of Anoctamin-1, a calcium activated chloride channel, in hypoxic endothelial dysfunction.
Nicholas Bellono
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-6315

Research: My research focuses on characterizing ultraviolet light phototransduction in human skin.
Anda Chirila
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-1012

Research: I study inhibitory synapses in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. Synaptic changes at this site lead to the generation and maintenance of chronic pain states. We will also explore the use of optogenetic techniques to study pain pathways.
Hetal Desai
Darling Lab
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-6807

Research: My research focuses on live-cell gene expression analyses of differentiating mesenchymal stem cells in 2D and 3D microenvironments to inform and improve tissue engineered constructs.

Hawasatu Dumbaya
Cyrena Gawuga
Carpenter Lab
Box G-8013
Kirk Haltaufderhyde
Box G-B3
Lab: 401-863-6315
Ynes Helou
Salomon Lab
Box G-E3
Lab: 401-863-1627

Research: My research exploits emerging mass spectrometry-based phosphoproteomic technologies to gain insights into T cell receptor-dependent phosphorylation signaling networks.

Cheri Liu
Diana Lizarazo
de la Monte Lab
Lab: 401-444-8654

Research: My research focuses on understanding the mechanism by which the protein aspartyl-asparaginyl-β-hydroxylase promotes tumor infiltration, using hepatocellular carcinoma as a model, in order to develop targeted therapies.
Dana Lord
Page Lab
Box G-E3
Lab: 401-863-1173

Research: I use a combination of structural biology, biochemistry, and microbiology to elucidate uncharacterized proteins upregulated in bacterial biofilms.
Matthew Mulcahy
Hawrot Lab
Box G-E3
Lab: 401-863-1357

Research: My research is focused on identifying proteins which interact with α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors to better understand the signaling pathways of the receptor and its association with neurodegenerative diseases.
Kyle Newman
Box G
Hilary Nicholson 
Box G  

Rana Ozdeslik  
Box G  

Lauren Quattrochi
Box G
Lab: 401-863-7751

Research: My research focuses on elucidating the functional relevance of specific retinal ganglion cell types and their brain projections with a goal to improve our basic understanding of vision processing and non-image forming nuclei.

Tracey Suter
Nelly Valkov
Box G

Valerie Zabala