BME PhD Student Publishes Paper

A ‘Clear’ solution:

Biomedical Engineering PhD student Molly Boutin has published a paper about the Application and Assessment of Optical Clearing Methods for Imaging of Tissue-Engineered Neural Stem Cell Spheres.

(Distributed September 3, 2014)

2014 NAI Fellows Selection Committee Announced

MPPB Professor Edith Mathiowitz has been named to the 2014 NAI Fellows Selection Committee. 

Edith Mathiowitz
Professor of Medical Science and Engineering
Brown University
Fellow of the NAI

(Distributed August 6, 2014)

Wolfgang Peti Participates in Brown's Creative Mind Initiative

The Creative Mind Initiative explores the creative process and integrates it across disciplines, and between students and faculty.  As an extension of the 250th Anniversary Conversations, these are interviews that Professor Richard Fishman is conducting as part of the Creative Mind Initiative (CMI), a program to develop innovative strategies for creative thinking. 

(Distributed July 24, 2014)
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