The New Scientist Program is changing the scientist stereotype. Guided by a strong belief that there is value in diversity, NSP strives toward a diverse national scientific community that is indistinguishable from the general population in terms of gender, race, disability, socio-economic status, or family education level.


The NSP coordinator is available to answer questions or address student needs on a ad-hoc basis for those who already have mentors, or are not looking for the level of intensity mentoring demands. Email nsp@brown.edu to set up an appointment.


NSP strongly believes in the difference individual care and attention can make in our students' lives. Mentoring at NSP focuses on connecting students to someone who will support them in their growth as an individual and an academic. While a mentee interacts with an individual mentor, mentors work in small groups to support one another, keep one another informed, and troubleshoot problems as a unit. Mentoring at NSP comes in two flavors:

  1. Peer Advising and Leadership (PAL) connects students to older students who are currently at the university. PAL challenges students to investigate who they are, what they want, and what path through Brown will best serve their needs.
  2. Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Initiative (GUMI) connects students to graduate students in their disciplines of interests. GUMI focuses on students who are more sure of themselves as a Brown student and are now focused on how to best take their studies to the next level.


Catalyst is a blended-learning program intended to support incoming first-year science student in their transition to Brown. The program provides an overview of various science and mathematics disciplines at Brown while ensuring that students develop the soft-skills necessary to excel in the hard sciences.