Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Initiative

The Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Inititiative (GUMI) supports undergraduate students in completing their concentrations and continuing on to graduate school and supports graduate students in developing as mentors and trainers. The initiative is divided into three parts:

  1. mentoring
  2. research assistant training support
  3. networking


Graduate student mentors are paired one-on-one with undergraduate students to assist in their preparation for and transition to graduate school. Mentors provide advice and perspective on both the academic and personal side of the mentees' decisions. Mentors also meet with one another to develop their mentoring ability and address mentee concerns as a team.

Research Assistant Training Support

Graduate students have a lot of responsibility in preparing undergraduate students to be productive in lab. Our research assistant training support brings trainers together in safe and productive spaces to share best practices, hear from faculty and staff with expertise in this area, and troubleshoot issues that may arise with students.


Sometimes all a student needs is an ad-hoc conversation with someone with a different perspective. Our networking efforts will connect graduate and medical students with undergraduate students on a one-time basis to discuss particular concerns or career paths. These interactions are not meant to be ongoing, but to provide undergraduate students with another means of exploring their interests and graduate and medical students a means of sharing their experiences.