Spring Seminar Series

Thursdays, 4:00pm
70 Ship Street, Room 107







Patrycja M. Dubielecka, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Warren Alpert Medical School, Brown University

Leukemic stem cells and their microenvironment Jonathan Reichner


Wuyuan Lu, Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
University of Maryland School of Medicine

D-peptide Drug Discovery for Anticancer Therapy Qian Chen


Stephanie C. Eisenbarth, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Yale School of Medicine

Regulating the Regulators:  Dendritic Cell Migration and Adaptive Immunity Jonathan Reichner
February 20

John R. Coleman, Ph.D., A.M.
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Brown University

Thalidomide:  A Story of Greed, Heroism, and Tragedy Richard Freiman
February 27 Kim Boekelheide, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medical Science
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Brown University
Maintaining and Measuring Male Germ Line Integrity Pathobiology Graduate Program
March 6

Gustavo Mostoslavsky, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Boston University School of Medicine

Next Generation Regeneration: iPSC for Disease Modeling and Therapy Thomas Bartnikas
March 13

Gilad Barnea, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Brown University

The Neural Circuitry Underlying Olfactory Perception Christine Biron
March 20

Elisabetta Ullu, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine and Cell Biology
Yale University

Small RNA Binding Proteins Control the Developmental Progression to Infectivity in Trypanosoma brucei

de Graffenried

April 3

Robbert Creton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Medical Science and Director, Leduc Bioimaging Facility,
Brown University

Effects of Environmental Factors on the Developing Brain Jonathan Reichner
April 10

Bruce Beutler, M.D.
Professor, Center for Genetics of Host Defense
UT Southwestern

50th Annual
Charles A. Stuart Memorial Lecture

Alpert Medical School, Room 170


Analyzing Immunity by Random Mutagenesis and High Speed Positional Cloning

Christine Biron
April 17

James L. Keck, Ph.D.
Professor, Dept. of Biomolecular Chemistry
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Structural Mechanisms of DNA Replication Restart Richard Bennett
April 24

Nikia A. Laurie, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Cancer Biology & Epigenomics Program, Lurie Children's Research Center, Chicago

Elucidating the Role of MicroRNAs in Retinoblastoma Pathobiology and IMSD Programs
May 1

Julie K. Pfeiffer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Microbiology
UT Southwestern Medical Center

How Gut Bacteria Enhance Enteric Virus Infectivity Pathobiology Graduate Students


Thursdays, 4:00pm
70 Ship Street, Room 107


January 31

Craig T. Lefort, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Division of Surgical Research
Rhode Island Hospital, Brown Alpert Medical School

Inside-out Regulation of Leukocyte Rolling and Adhesion 

Jonathan Reichner
February 7

Justina D. McEvoy, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis


Retinoblastoma:  Bridging Developmental Neurobiology and Cancer Genetics Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
February 14

Neil J. Ganem, Ph.D.
Instructor of Pediatrics
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Genome Instability:  Causes, Consequesnces, and Potential Therapeutic Interventions Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
February 21

Jennifer J. Adibi, M.P.H., Sc.D.
Assistant Adjunct Professor
UC – San Francisco

Sexual Differentiation of the Human Placenta and Endocrine Disruption: A Link Between the Biology and Epidemiology
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
February 28

Alberto Ciccia, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School

Dissecting the DNA Damage Response Network Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
March 7

Damian Medici, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Orthopaedics & Medicine
Director, Laboratory for Regenerative Medicine
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Endothelial-derived Stem Cells in Human  Disease Pathobiology Graduate Program
March 14

Thomas Bartnikas, M.D., Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Brown University

Studies on Diseases of Aberrant Metal Metabolism
Pathobiology Graduate Program
March 21

Hong Zhang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of Massachusetts Medical School

 Smurf2 in Senescence Regulation, Cancer and Stem Cell Aging Richard Freiman
April 4

Wentian Yang, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics (Research)
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

The Role of PTPase Shp2 in Skeletal Development and Diseases
Pathobiology Graduate Program
April 11

Pilar Alcaide, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Tufts Medical Center, Boston

Crosstalk Between T lymphocytes and the Vascular Endothelium during Inflammation and Disease Jonathan Reichner
April 18

Bruce Demple, Ph.D.
Department of Pharmacological Sciences
Stony Brook University Medical School

Ape1, A Vital Protein at the Intersection of DNA Repair and Chromosome Biology Karl Kelsey

April 25

Special 3:30pm Seminar!

John Coffin, Ph.D.
Professor of Molecular Biology & Microbiology
Tufts University, Sackler School of Graduate Medical Sciences

Retrovirus-host Co-Evolution Pathobiology Graduate Students
May 2

Maurizio Pacifici, Ph.D.
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Pennsylvania
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Heterotopic Ossification: Insights from Skeletal Development and a Possible New Treatment Wentian Yang
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