Current Undergraduate Research


 Astrophysics & Cosmology
Professor Ian Dell'Antonio
Sean Pike Distance and Shape Correlation and Matter Distribution in Three Dimensions
Scott Underriner Data Analysis of Images Gathered by the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) and the Hubble Space Telescope Used for Weak Gravitational Lensing
Professor Richard Gaitskell

Soumya Ghosh

Analysis of Data from the LUX Dark Matter Detector

Alexander Moskowitz

Development of Web Site for Analysis and Dissemination of Dark Matter Astrophysics Data

Biological Physics
Professor Leon Cooper

Sarah Parker

New Algorithm for Gene Set Analysis of Expression Data

Jake Soloff

Simulations of Gold Nanoparticles Enhancing Radiation Dosages

Professor Derek Stein

Eliza Brine

Solar Decathlon

Ryan Brown

Solar Decathlon

Montana Feiger

Brown/RISD/Erfurt Solar Decathlon 2014 Summer Workshop

Ellen Goldberg

Improving Efficiency of Ion Transfer from Nanopore to Mass Spectrometer

Samuels Zeif

Brown/RISD/Erfurt Solar Decathlon 2014

Professor Jay Tang

Nathan Johnson

How Bacterial Motors Cope with Viscosity

Alexander Yang

Altered Motility of Flagellated Bacteria in Viscous Media

Condensed Matter Experiment
Professor Vesna Mitrovic

Barad Barry

Computer Simulations of the NMR Spectra in Materials with Exotic Orbital Orders

Professor Gang Xiao

Abi Kulshreshtha

Magnetics Simulation and Spintronics

William Stephenson

Magneto-transport Studies of Materials with Strong Spin-orbit Interaction

Condensed Matter Theory
Professor Brad Marston

John Ribbans

Climate Modeling for Citizen-Scientists

Elementary Particle Experiment
Professor David Cutts

Alexander Meehan

Search for long-lived particles produced at the CERN LHC

Professor Ulrich Heintz

Adam Scherlis

Readout Chips fro Double-Stack Silicon Sensors

Professor Meenakshi Narain

Richard Nally

Studying the Link Between the Masses of the Higgs Boson and the top Quark

Elementary Particle Theory
Professor Antal Jevicki

Alex Seoh

Symmetries and Groups in Physics