David A. Savitz

Professor of Epidemiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology


David Savitz received his PhD in Epidemiology in 1982 from the University of Pittsburgh. He joined the Public Health Department and PSTC at Brown in 2010, after previously serving at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Savitz has served frequently as a panel and committee member for the National Academy of Sciences on issues related to environmental studies, toxicology, and causes and consequences of preterm birth, as well as an expert witness to the U.S. House of Representatives and other governmental agencies. He has served as an editor of Epidemiology, American Journal of Epidemiology, and Annual Reviews in Public Health.

Throughout his research career, Savitz has sought to clarify two of the more pressing questions in public health: identifying the health risks from environmental exposures, and identifying the causes of problems associated with pregnancy and fertility. With research interests that include a range of topics in perinatal and pediatric health, cancer, and the environment, he has focused on environmental influences on miscarriage; caffeine and pregnancy outcome; environmental influences on cancer in children and adults; links between pesticide exposure and breast cancer; and the effect of drinking water DBPs on fetal survival. Savitz is currently working on an NIH-supported project on the epidemiology of hospitalized postpartum depression, analyzing data that covers all hospitalizations in the state of New York. In this project he will address demographic, social and medical predictors of postpartum depression, and evaluate the relationship with infant health measures and pregnancy complications.

Selected Publications

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Environmental influence on cancer, Fertility, Health risks from environmental exposures, Pregnancy