Marida Hollos

Professor of Anthropology


Marida Hollos, Professor of Anthropology, came to Brown University in 1974. Hollos received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1970, and her MPH from the Harvard University School of Public Health in 1981. Hollos's research has examined issues of fertility, sexual behavior, migration and gender in Africa and other areas of the developing world, most recently in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Hollos’s current research, supported by the National Science Foundation, is concerned with fertility decline in Northern Tanzania. Her current migration interest grew directly out of a community study among the Pare in Ugweno, Kilimanjaro Region, and Tanzania. The NSF project involved interviewing married couples and in the course of this it became clear that approximately half of the husbands were away, either temporarily or for longer periods of time. In an attempt at understanding the community, she has increasingly became interested in following the men to their urban residences and consequently in research on migration.

Most recently, her interest has turned to questions of infertility. In the summer of 2004, she completed a project in infertility in Tanzania. The next three years, her work is focused in Nigeria. The purpose of her planned research is to investigate how local meanings of infertility are shaped by the prevalence, social and cultural context of infertility and how they influence community responses, life experiences and infertility treatment-seeking behaviors of the Ijo and Yakurr people of southern Nigeria. This research is conducted in collaboration with Oka Obono, a Mellon post-doctoral fellow at Brown and lecturer at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.


Fertility, Gender, Infertility, Motherhood