Alexei Abrahams

Ethnicity, Migration


Anna Aizer

Associate Professor of Economics
Child health, Child support, Domestic violence, Medicaid, Poverty, United States, Welfare


Thomas Alarie

Manager of Finance and Administration


Nathaniel Baum-Snow

Associate Professor of Economics and Urban Studies
China, Education, Housing, Labor economics, Land use patterns, Spatial analysis, Transportation, United States, Urbanization


Rebecca Bell-Martin

Political Science
Latin American politics, Law enforcement in the Global South, Political implications of insecurity, Political participation, Political violence, Politics of extra-lethal violence


Daniel Bjorkegren

Assistant Professor of Economics
Africa, Development, Industrial organization, Information technology, Mobile phones, Rwanda


Girija Borker

Development, gender and policy


Jennifer Bouek

Health and Inequality


Samuel Brown

Development, Health


Chenxi Cai

Economic growth, Fertility, Households, Nutrition


Meghan Caven

Education, Organizations, Political sociology, Public policy, Race and ethnicity, Social stratification, Urban sociology


Kenneth Chay

Professor of Economics
Community health, Labor and health economics, Microeconomics


Chelsea Cormier McSwiggin

African diasporic religions, Ethnicity, Healthcare relations, Immigration, Sexuality and gender


Mahesh Dahal

Economic development, Human Development, Inequality


Pedro Dal Bó

Associate Professor of Economics
Experimental economics, Game theory, Political economy


Paula Dias

Development, Identity politics, Race/Ethnicity, Resource politics


Alexander Eble

Development, Education, Health service


Jo Fisher

Editor and Project Manager


Andrea Flores

Education, Immigration


Andrew Foster

Director of the Population Studies & Training Center
Bangladesh, China, Demography, Development, Education, Empirical microeconomics, Environment, Fertility, Health, Households, Human capital, India, Institutions, Labor economics, Marriage, Mexico, United States


Rachel Franklin

Associate Director of Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)
Fertility, GIS, Italy, Migration, Regional analytical tools, Spatial regression modeling, United States


Rachel Friedberg

Senior Lecturer of Economics
Economics of immigration, Israel, United States


Elizabeth Fussell

Associate Professor of Population Studies (Research)
Demography, Mexico, Migration, Population Change after Disaster, Sociology of Youth, Statistics/Methodology, United States


Margarita Gafaro

Development, Gender and Agriculture.


Omar Galárraga

Assistant Professor of Health Services Policy & Practice
Conditional economic incentives, economic evaluation and economic efficiency of health programs, Ghana, HIV, Kenya, Mexico, Social Health Insurance, South Africa


Oded Galor

Professor of Economics
Evolutionary economics, Growth and development, Population economics


Vaishali Garga

Development Economics; Social sectors of Health and Education


David Glick

Inequality, Poverty


Weeam Hammoudeh

Contraception, Demographic transition, Fertility


Jamie Hansen-Lewis

Development economics, environmental economics


Morgan Hardy

Health, Labor economics, Social networks


Abigail Harrison

Assistant Professor (Research) of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Fertility and family planning, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Qualitative research, Sub-Saharan Africa


Justine Hastings

Associate Professor of Economics
Behavioral economics, Chile, Firm strategy, Industrial organization, Mexico, Public economics, Public policy, Regulation, United States


Sara Hefny

Cultural heritage, Europe, Food and foodways, Integration and assimilation, Memory and identity, Middle East, Migration


Patrick Heller

Professor of Sociology
Brazil, Comparative political economy, Democratization, Development, India, Political sociology, Social movements, South Africa


J. Vernon Henderson

Professor of Economics and Urban Studies
China, Indonesia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Urban and regional economics


Anairis Hernandez Jabalera

Caregiving and migration, Demography of family, Time use studies, Unpaid work and gender


Nathaniel Hilger

Assistant Professor of Economics
Economics of education


Dennis P. Hogan

Robert E. Turner Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Population Studies and Sociology and Professor of Population Studies (Research)
Disability, Ethiopia, Family lives, Fertility and family planning, Palestinian territories, Transition to adulthood, United States


Joseph Hogan

Professor of Biostatistics
Behavioral medicine, Causal inference, HIV/AIDS, Kenya, Longitudinal data analysis, Missing data


Marida Hollos

Professor of Anthropology
Fertility, Gender, Infertility, Motherhood, Nigeria, Tanzania


Margot Jackson

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Children and families, Health, Inequality and poverty, United Kingdom, United States


Yara Jarallah

Marriage and fertility


Colin Johnson

Political Science
Education, Migration, Political mobilitization in the former USSR, Population decline


Karen Jorge

Fertility/Infertility, Gender, Globalization, HIV/AIDS


David Kertzer

Professor of Anthropology and Italian Studies
Anthropological demography, Contemporary Italian society and politics, Demography, European historical demography, Italy, Political economy and family systems, Politics and culture, Religion, Vatican


Paul Koussa

Director of Computing Services


Yun Sang Lee

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) and Population Studies
Home loans, Housing finance, Housing markets, Income segregation, Property disposition, Racial/ethnic segregation


Jessaca Leinaweaver

Associate Professor of Anthropology
Adoption, Aging, Anthropological demography, Caregiving, Childhood, Family, Gender, Latin America, Migration, Peru, Reproduction, Spain, Western Europe


David P. Lindstrom

Professor of Sociology
Contraception, Ethiopia, Fertility, Guatemala, Mexico, Migration, Reproductive health


Zhen Liu

Adolescent Health, Africa, Asian Immigrants, China, Demography, Migration, Spatial Sociology, Statistical Methods, Urban sociology


Mao-Mei Liu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Population Studies
Family, Gender, International migration, Social demography, Social networks


John Logan

Director of Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4)
China, Family, Immigration, Migration, Political sociology, Race and ethnicity, Spatial analysis, United States, Urban sociology


Eric Loucks

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Biomarkers, Coronary heart disease, Education, Epidemiology, Health


Glenn C. Loury

Professor of Economics
Cognitive theories of racial stigma, Dysfunctional social identity, Race and inequality, Racial affirmative action, Status transmission across generations


Mark Lurie

Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
Antiretroviral therapy, HIV/AIDS, Infectious diseases, mathematical modeling, Migration, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa


Michelle Marcus

Education, Health, Inequality, Labor economics


Katharine Marsh



Jerome Marston

Political Science
Latin America, Refugees, Research design, Sampling difficult-to-reach populations


Katherine A. Mason

Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Anthropological demography, bioethics, China, Ethnicity, Gender, Global health, infectious disease, Migration, population health, Race, U.S., Urbanization


Stephen McGarvey

Professor (Research) of Epidemiology and Anthropology
Environmental health, Global health, Human population biology, Non-communicable diseases, Nutrition transition, Tropical parasitology


Angélica Meinhofer Santiago

Education, Health


Maya Mesola

African studies, Anthropology of reproduction, Gender, Globalization of medicine, IVF, Medical anthropology, Politics of fertility, Science, Technology studies


Stelios Michalopoulos

Assistant Professor of Economics
Africa, Culture, Development, Economic growth, Ethnicity, Inequality, Institutions, Islam, Mozambique

Svetoslava P. Milusheva

Svetoslava P. Milusheva

Development, Economic growth, Migration


Elisabeta Minca

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) and Population Studies
Children’s welfare, Nutrition & health, Quantitative methods, Race and class, Social demography, Transition to adulthood


Ken Miura

Agriculture, Development, Households, Sub-Saharan Africa


Bryan Moorefield

Guestworkers, Transnational labor migration


Kaivan Munshi

Adjunct Professor of Population Studies
Economic development, India, Institutions, Mexico, Population and demography, Social networks, United States


Sriniketh Nagavarapu

Assistant Professor of Economics
Applied microeconomics, Brazil, Development, Economic growth, India, Labor economics, Mexico, United States


John Papay

Assistant Professor of Education and Economics
Consequences of state tests, Postsecondary education choices, Teacher career growth, Teacher hiring and evaluation practices, United States


Tina M Park

Asian Americans, Housing, Immigrant Assimilation/ Incorporation, Race & Ethnicity in America, Social Inequality, Spatial statistics, Urban sociology


Christina Hull Paxson

President of Brown University
Aging, Child health and well-being, Health, Inequality, Labor economics, Life course, United States


Heitor Pellegrina

Agriculture, and Urbanization, Development, Trade


Mark M. Pitt

Professor of Population Studies (Research)
Adult outcomes, Bangladesh, Gender, Health, Households, Indonesia, Micro-credit programs, Migration, Nutrition

Apollonya M. Porcelli

Apollonya M. Porcelli

Environmental resources, Population wellbeing


Heather Randell

Environmental change, Livelihoods, Migration


Ayalu Alex Reda

Demography, Family planning, Reproductive health, Substance use and HIV/AIDS


Peter Richards

National Science Foundation SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Agricultural growth, Development, Environmental change


Adrian Rubli

Development, Health, Urban economics


Ida Sahlu

Public Health
Infectious diseases, maternal and child health, population migration and assessing the impact of treatment interventions on health outcomes in low-resource settings


Anja Sautmann

Assistant Professor of Economics
Development, Experimental economics, India, Marriage, Microeconomics


David A. Savitz

Professor of Epidemiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fertility, Health risks from environmental exposures, Pregnancy, United States


Susan E. Short

Professor of Sociology
Family, Gender, Households, Inequality, Methods, Reproductive health, Social demography


Susan Silveira

Administrative and Financial Coordinator

Dana M. Smiles

Dana M. Smiles

Family planning, Fertility, Gender, Reproductive health, Sexuality, Transition to adulthood


Daniel Jordan Smith

Professor of Anthropology
Anthropological demography, corruption, HIV/AIDS, Medical anthropology, Migration, Nigeria, Pentecostal Christianity, Political culture, Sub-Saharan Africa


Yannay Spitzer

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Population Studies
Demography, Economic history, Labor economics, Migration


Timothy Squires

Electrification, Financial Institutions, Malaria


Nicholas Stacey

Development, Health


Amy Teller

Demography of climate change adaptation, Environmental resources and population wellbeing


Priscilla Terry

Grants Coordinator


Amy Thomas-Moran

Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities in Anthropology and Population Studies
Environmental change, Ethnography, Humanitarianism, International health, Medical humanities


Matthew Turner

Professor of Economics
China, Cities, Climate change, Transportation infrastructure, United States, Urbanization


John Tyler

Professor of Education
Economics of education, Evaluation Research, Quantitative methods, United States


Yashas Vaidya



Leah VanWey

Associate Director of the Population Studies & Training Center
Brazil, Environment and Development, Land change development, Mexico, Migration, Population and environment, Uganda


Láura Vares

Aging, Gender, Identity


David Weil

Professor of Economics
Africa, Economic growth, Health, Population aging, United States, World


Lawrence Were

Public Health
Health Systems Reform, HIV/AIDS, Micro-enterprises, Social Health Insurance


Michael J. White

Professor of Sociology
China, Demography, Environment, Ghana, Immigration, Italy, Social policy, South Africa, United States, Urban sociology, Vietnam


Ana Karina Wildman

Assistant Director


Cadence Willse

Political Science
Education, Inequality, Policy Evaluation


Weiwei Zhang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Population Studies
Assimilation, Immigration, Migration, Race, Spatial Demography


Xuan Zhang

Development, Health and Political Economy


Xinyi Zhang

Development, Inequality


Yushu Zhu

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) and Population Studies
China, Community building, Housing, Migration, United States, Urban governance


Andrew Zullo

Public Health
Aging, Causal inference, Comparative Effectiveness, Pharmaceutical Importation Policy, Pharmacoepidemiology