Susan M. Allen

Professor of Health Services Policy & Practice


Susan Allen, Professor of Health Services Policy & Practice, came to Brown in 1983 as a research assistant, and then became senior project coordinator for the Center for Gerontology & Health Care Research. After obtaining her PhD in medical sociology from Brown in 1992, she became a faculty member of both Community Health and the Department of Sociology, and a faculty Associate of the PSTC. Combining her interest in health with a social demographic perspective, Allen is active in the study of population health, health outcomes (including psychosocial problems in response to illness and disability), spousal caregiving, assessment of need for assistance and access to care, family and gender roles among the aged, and the home as a locus of medical care with family members as care providers. In addition to serving as a consultant on various health advisory committees, Allen is currently investigating issues related to both formal and informal care among adults with disabilities.


Aging, Disabilities, Gender, Health