Meeting Rooms

Mencoff Hall provides many spaces for PSTC associates to assemble. Faculty and students gather for meetings, workshops, and weekly colloquia in the PSTC’s state-of-the-art seminar room, a conference room that comfortably seats eight, and the well-lit exhibit/function space in the building’s vaulted-ceiling foyer. Many associates also make use of the fourth floor sitting area and white boards to gather and discuss informally.

Secure Data Rooms

Two secure data rooms are available to associates working with confidential and restricted datasets.  Access to the rooms is restricted by key card and must be requested and scheduled in advance with the network administrator. Each room features secure standalone desktop PCs without network access to ensure a secure environment.


A general computer lab with eight Dell workstations is open to PSTC faculty, staff, and students and is supported by PSTC computer staff. A range of software is provided on all computers, including office productivity suites, multiple web browsers, and statistical, geographical, and mathematical programs.

See computing support for more information on computing and statistical services.