Student Testimonials

Current graduate students and recent alumni of Brown share their perspective on the benefits of becoming of a trainee at the Population Studies & Training Center.

"My PSTC affiliation has helped to further my research training in several ways. Funding has helped me to attend important conferences, and several leading demographers, who visit as colloquium speakers, have given me helpful feedback on my work."

—    Adam Storeygard ’12, Assistant Professor of Economics, Tufts University

“The training program has provided me with both a strong foundation in anthropology and population and the skills for interdisciplinary work. I've really enjoyed the speaker series—the weekly colloquium and WGAP. They are a great opportunity to get exposure to new and interesting scholarship across all three fields. I feel the PSTC has been very valuable to developing my research both through the intellectual community and financial support.”

—    Andrea Flores, Anthropology graduate student

"By freeing me from teaching responsibilities, the PSTC [NICHD] trainee fellowship allowed me to pursue field work in West Africa, which formed the heart of my dissertation. The regular exchange across disciplines further provided a stimulating intellectual environment."

—    Katherine Casey ’11, Assistant Professor of Political Economy,
Stanford University's Graduate School of Business

“I enjoyed and benefited a lot from the interdisciplinary research environment as a PSTC trainee.  I received comprehensive mentoring from multiple faculty members at PSTC.  I also had a great opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in demographic research from the weekly colloquia and to establish research connections with the invited scholars from all over the world.  The workshops on a variety of topics on demography and research practice in general were an important complement to my academic training. The computing infrastructure and staff support helped me tremendously in accomplishing my research projects.  Finally, the financial support for conference travel, fieldwork, and other research activities helped to further build my academic capacity.”

—    Hongwei Xu ’12, Faculty Research Fellow, Survey Research Center in the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan

“Being a PSTC trainee gave me the tools and expertise to pursue my interests in population research. My training in demography enhanced my experience as a Ph.D. student at Brown and has undoubtedly made me a better sociologist. At the PSTC, I became part of a close-knit, interdisciplinary, and intellectually stimulating community of researchers. I am certain that the many professional and personal relationships I built at the PSTC will be with me for many years to come. I received great support for professional development and mentoring from the affiliated faculty at PSTC. The center funded my attendance to population studies conferences, and hosted a great number of visiting speakers. All of these resources helped me establish an important professional network outside of Brown.”

—    Gabriela Sanchez Soto ’11, Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University; Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Texas, San Antonio