Research Briefs

PSTC Research Briefs are produced by the Center to highlight faculty and graduate student research results or preliminary findings. Published periodically, Research Briefs feature new and ongoing research projects and include an overview of the project and its data, methods, results, and conclusions. The Research Briefs provide insight into population-related research at Brown.

Brief No. 1:1: Arsenic Contamination, Nutrition, and Economic Growth in Bangladesh

February 2012
This Research Brief highlights a study that provides new estimates of the effects of dietary exposure to arsenic, and how arsenic ingestion and retention causally affects nutritional status, physical and cognitive capacity, and household income, using toenail clippings obtained from a sample of members in rural households in Bangladesh.

Brief No. 1:2: Improving the Scope and Quality of Data on Youth Sexual Behavior Using the Relationship History Calendar

July 2012
Related Research Project: Urban Life among Youth in Kisumu
This Research Brief highlights an innovative type of life history calendar — the Relationship History Calendar — that was developed by PSTC Associate Nancy Luke, Associate Professor of Sociology, and colleagues to collect more accurate and thorough sexual behavior data from young people, and compares the quality of data it collected with conventional face-to-face interview approaches such as those used in the Demographic and Health Surveys.