Research Projects Beginning with D

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Designing, Implementing, and Validating the Next Generation of Teacher Evaluations

In this two year project Tyler will conduct a largely qualitative study of the constraints and opportunities that arise when a state or urban school districts attempt to design and implement a new and more rigorous teacher evaluation system.

Diabetes Care in American Samoa

 McGarvey leds an interdisciplinary  behavioral intervention clinical trial to improve type 2 diabetes patient outcomes by expanding community health worker outreach. The community health workers will expand the dietary and physical activity education of patients and their families; provide reminders and active follow-up for clinic appointments.

Dowry and Marriage Age in India

Sautmann looks at the connection between population growth, age at marriage and dowry in India. Using an economic framework that incorporates search frictions she finds evidence for the so-called marriage squeeze hypothesis, the theory that population growth together with a large age difference at marriage can cause a surplus of women and lead to increased dowry payments.