The Department of Biostatistics consists of 12 active and highly interdisciplinary faculty members. Major areas of research activity include analysis of biomarkers and diagnostic tests, causal inference and missing data, time series and functional data analysis, spatial data and network analysis, bioinformatics, longitudinal data, meta-analysis, multilevel modeling, statistical learning.

Faculty collaborate actively with investigators in many scientific areas, including cancer prevention and screening, behaviorial sciences, HIV/AIDS and health care policy, genetic epidemiology, neuroscience, genomics, health services policy and practices, and epidemiology.

All Biostatistics faculty are members of the Center for Statistical Sciences (CSS) or the Center for Evidence Based Medicine.  CSS hosts the Biostatistics Center for the NCI-funded American College of Radiology Imaging Network (ACRIN), the Biostatistics Core for Brown's Center for AIDS Research, and the Biostatistics Core for Brown's multidisciplinary Alcohol Research Center for HIV (ARCH). 

List of faculty and their methodological expertise