Declaring the Concentration

An academic concentration is the focal point for a student's undergraduate educational experience at Brown. It is an in-depth study centering on a discipline or disciplines, a problem or a theme, or a broad question. All students must request, in writing, admission to a concentration program.

How to Declare Community Health as a Concentration

  1. Set up a time to meet with the Academic Program Manager (APM).
  2. Concentrators in the class of 2015 and earlier must follow the Community Health concentration requirements. Concentrators in the class of 2016 and beyond should refer to the Public Health concentration requirements.
  3. Community Health concentrators should fill out the Community Health Concentrator’s Worksheet; and Public Health concentrators should fill out the Public Health Concentrator’s Worksheet.  Include courses you have taken and those you would like to take to fulfill the concentration requirements.  If you are considering the AB/MPH program, please review the AB-MPH Planning Worksheet. These forms will be the basis for talking to you about your plans, so bring the appropriate form(s) with you to the meeting with the APM.
  4. Meet with the APM to discuss your concentration plans. Be sure any questions you have are answered.  Obtain an override from the APM; this will allow you to declare the concentration.
    4th-semester students:  Schedule this meeting early, preferably by the first week of March.  Remember, April 1 is the University deadline for all 4th-semester students to file a concentration. Any student who does not have an approved concentration on file will be blocked from pre-registering for Fall courses.
  5. Declare your concentration using the online declaration process.  CLICK HERE and then select the ASK (Advising Sidekick) quick link. Log into the secure area and then click on the "Declarations” tab. This will give you entrance to the necessary information.  NOTE: If you have not obtained an override code from the APM, you will not be able to begin the declaration process in ASK.
  6. Meet with the Concentration Advisor, after you declare, to obtain answers to any remaining questions and finalize the concentration plan.
  7. Once finalized, the Concentration Advisor will approve the concentration plan online using Advising Sidekick.

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