Faculty Directory

Epidemiology faculty are members of the Program in Public Health, home to several world-class research centers. Students in epidemiology have the opportunity to collaborate and conduct research with faculty at many of these centers.

Name Title Email Address
Joseph Braun Assistant Professor joseph_braun_1@brown.edu
Stephen Buka Professor and Department Chair stephen_buka@brown.edu
Hélène Carabin
Adjunct Professor
Eunyoung Cho Associate Professor eunyoung_cho@brown.edu
Colleen Caron
Clinical Assistant Professor colleen_caron@brown.edu
Melissa Clark
Professor melissa_clark@brown.edu
Jo-Ann Donatelli
Investigator jo-ann_donatelli@brown.edu
David Dore
Assistant Professor david_dore@brown.edu
Charles Eaton
Professor charles_eaton@brown.edu
Paul Florin
Adjunct Professor paul_florin@brown.edu
Ilana Gareen
Assistant Professor (Research) igareen@stat.brown.edu
Annie Gjelsvik
Assistant Professor  annie_gjelsvik@brown.edu
Robert Goldberg
Adjunct Professor robert_goldberg@brown.edu
Traci Green
Assistant Professor (Research) traci_green@brown.edu
William Hollinshead
Clinical Assistant Professor william_hollinshead@brown.edu
E. Andres Houseman
Adjunct Associate Professor e_andres_houseman@brown.edu
Chanelle Howe
Assistant Professor chanelle_howe@brown.edu
Yen-Tsung Huang Assistant Professor yen-tsung_huang@brown.edu
Julie Jefferson
Clinical Assistant Professor julie_jefferson@brown.edu
Yongwen Jiang
Clinical Assistant Professor yongwen_jiang@brown.edu
Karl Kelsey
Professor karl_kelsey@brown.edu
Douglas Kiel
Adjunct Professor douglas_kiel@brown.edu
Hyun Kim
Clinical Assistant Professor hyun_kim@brown.edu
Wen-Qing Li Assistant Professor wen-qing_li@brown.edu
Simin Liu Professor simin_liu@brown.edu
Albert Lo
Associate Professor albert_lo@brown.edu
Eric Loucks
Assistant Professor eric_loucks@brown.edu
Mark Lurie
Assistant Professor mark_lurie@brown.edu
Brandon Marshall
Assistant Professor brandon_marshall@brown.edu
Carmen Marsit Associate Assistant Professor carmen_marsit@brown.edu
Kenneth Mayer Adjunct Professor kenneth_mayer@brown.edu
Stephen McGarvey
Professor stephen_mcgarvey@brown.edu
Roland Merchant
Associate Professor roland_merchant@brown.edu
Dominique Michaud
Professor and Director of Graduate Program dominique_michaud@brown.edu
Angela Paradis
Investigator angela_paradis@brown.edu
Donna Parker
Associate Professor (Research) donna_parker@brown.edu
Deborah Pearlman
Assistant Professor (Research) deborah_pearlman@brown.edu
Maureen Phipps
Professor maureen_phipps@brown.edu
Abrar Qureshi Professor abrar_qureshi@brown.edu
Josiah Rich
Associate Professor josiah_rich@brown.edu
Patricia Risica
Assistant Professor (Research) patricia_risica@brown.edu
David Savitz
Professor david_savitz@brown.edu
Edmond Shenassa
Adjunct Associate Professor edmond_shenassa@brown.edu
Peter Simon Clinical Associate Professor peter_simon@brown.edu
Alvaro Tinajero
Clinical Assistant Professor alvaro_tinajero@brown.edu
Elizabeth Triche
Assistant Professor elizabeth_triche@brown.edu
Robert Vanderslice
Clinical Assistant Professor robert_vanderslice@brown.edu
Wendy Verhoek-Oftedahl
Adjunct Assistant Professor wendy_verhoek-oftedahl@brown.edu
Martin Weinstock
Professor martin_weinstock_md@brown.edu
Gregory Wellenius
Professor gregory_wellenius@brown.edu
Wen-Chih Wu
Associate Professor wen-chih_wu@brown.edu 
Sally Zierler Professor Emerita sally_zierler@brown.edu