Faculty Directory

Epidemiology faculty are members of the Program in Public Health, home to several world-class research centers. Students in epidemiology have the opportunity to collaborate and conduct research with faculty at many of these centers.

Name Title Email Address
Ana Baylin Adjunct Assistant Professor ana_baylin@brown.edu
Joseph Braun Assistant Professor joseph_braun_1@brown.edu
Stephen Buka Professor and Department Chair stephen_buka@brown.edu
Jasmina Burdzovic Andreas Adjunct Associate Professor jba@brown.edu
Colleen Caron
Clinical Assistant Professor colleen_caron@brown.edu
Melissa Clark
Professor melissa_clark@brown.edu
Jo-Ann Donatelli
Investigator jo-ann_donatelli@brown.edu
David Dore
Assistant Professor david_dore@brown.edu
Charles Eaton
Professor charles_eaton@brown.edu
Paul Florin
Adjunct Professor paul_florin@brown.edu
Ilana Gareen
Assistant Professor (Research) igareen@stat.brown.edu
Annie Gjelsvik
Assistant Professor  annie_gjelsvik@brown.edu
Robert Goldberg
Adjunct Professor robert_goldberg@brown.edu
Traci Green
Assistant Professor (Research) traci_green@brown.edu
William Hollinshead
Clinical Assistant Professor william_hollinshead@brown.edu
E. Andres Houseman
Adjunct Associate Professor e_andres_houseman@brown.edu
Chanelle Howe
Assistant Professor chanelle_howe@brown.edu
Yen-Tsung Huang Assistant Professor yen-tsung_huang@brown.edu
Julie Jefferson
Clinical Assistant Professor julie_jefferson@brown.edu
Yongwen Jiang
Clinical Assistant Professor yongwen_jiang@brown.edu
Karl Kelsey
Professor karl_kelsey@brown.edu
Douglas Kiel
Adjunct Professor douglas_kiel@brown.edu
Hyun Kim
Clinical Assistant Professor hyun_kim@brown.edu
Simin Liu Professor simin_liu@brown.edu
Albert Lo
Associate Professor albert_lo@brown.edu
Eric Loucks
Assistant Professor eric_loucks@brown.edu
Mark Lurie
Assistant Professor mark_lurie@brown.edu
Brandon Marshall
Assistant Professor brandon_marshall@brown.edu
Carmen Marsit Adjunct Assistant Professor carmen_marsit@brown.edu
Kenneth Mayer Adjunct Professor kenneth_mayer@brown.edu
Stephen McGarvey
Professor stephen_mcgarvey@brown.edu
Roland Merchant
Associate Professor roland_merchant@brown.edu
Dominique Michaud
Professor and Director of Graduate Program dominique_michaud@brown.edu
Angela Paradis
Investigator angela_paradis@brown.edu
Donna Parker
Associate Professor donna_parker@brown.edu
Deborah Pearlman
Assistant Professor (Research) deborah_pearlman@brown.edu
Maureen Phipps
Professor maureen_phipps@brown.edu
Josiah Rich
Associate Professor josiah_rich@brown.edu
Patricia Risica
Assistant Professor (Research) patricia_risica@brown.edu
David Savitz
Professor david_savitz@brown.edu
Edmond Shenassa
Adjunct Associate Professor edmond_shenassa@brown.edu
Peter Simon Clinical Associate Professor peter_simon@brown.edu
Alvaro Tinajero
Clinical Assistant Professor alvaro_tinajero@brown.edu
Elizabeth Triche
Assistant Professor elizabeth_triche@brown.edu
Robert Vanderslice
Clinical Assistant Professor robert_vanderslice@brown.edu
Wendy Verhoek-Oftedahl
Adjunct Assistant Professor wendy_verhoek-oftedahl@brown.edu
Martin Weinstock
Professor martin_weinstock_md@brown.edu
Gregory Wellenius
Associate Professor gregory_wellenius@brown.edu
Wen-Chih Wu
Associate Professor wen-chih_wu@brown.edu 
Sally Zierler Professor Emerita sally_zierler@brown.edu